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Ever since the Bugbear incident in Ponyville, the Super-Secret Anti-Monster Agency re-opened their facilities and welcomed back their fellow agents, including one of their very best, Special Agent Sweetie Drops.

Overtime, the Earth Pony, who took up the name "Bon Bon" many years ago, seems to manage her double life pretty well ever since her re-acceptance. But little did she realize is that her tendency to keep details and whereabouts all to herself is taking its toll on one very important pony in her life as well as the only pony who knows of her secret identity: Lyra Heartstrings. So on one night, when Bon Bon returns from her recent mission and sneaks into their home, Lyra decides to confront this matter once and for all before it drives them apart even further.

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Comments ( 11 )

Yay! New story!


Lyra: "Mwah Ha Ha Ha!" :rainbowwild:

Wait what just happened.

Lyra: I will break you~.

Keeping the local Princess and entourage in the dark seems kinda counter productive.

Called it.
Two girls one latex suit,

Funny you should mention. A new chapter book was released featuring Lyra and Bon Bon as agents :coolphoto:. Magic can be useful when it comes to fighting changelings, to the bedroom itself :raritywink: ;P

You know Twilight Sparkle never did make amends to Lyra Heartstrings.

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