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You probably don't know him.


Bon Bon just told Lyra about her former identity as Sweetie Drops. Before the wedding began, Lyra seemed to be okay with it, but Bon Bon knew her marefriend better than that. She had hurt Lyra, and she had a lot of explaining to do once they got home.

Now she has to prepare to tell her marefriend the rest of the story as she faces the fear that Lyra may never forgive her.

Yep, it’s another “what happened after the events of ‘Slice of Life’” tale. I wrote this to bring that episode into alignment with my Lyra and Bon Bon Series. If you haven’t read My True Self, then this story isn’t going to mean anything to you.

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A very nice chapter. I'm really looking forward for the next big story :twilightsmile:

My way of figuring out how it works is to ignore it entirely. Since the comics and books don't always become canon with the show itself, and since I've already wandered off into providing biographical details that I'm sure won't match up if the show ever decides to develop Lyra and Bon Bon as characters, I've reasoned that it's just as good to forge my own path.

My Lyra and Bon Bon aren't really cut out for a life of undercover intrigue, anyway. They're much happier when they can live a stress-free life at home with each other.

I just love how you write Lyra and Bon Bon! So excited to get a new novella as well! :yay:

Lovely chapter. Fits quite well with good ol ep100
Wish something like this had happened

That was incredibly sweet.

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