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Hi. I'm a young teenager with Asperger Syndrome, so I may misunderstand you at times, please don't take it personally. :)


Lyra is an antisocial, impatient unicorn who dislikes rain, walking, and characters she deems annoying. Unfortunately for her, she will have to deal with all three of those things if she wants to make it back safely to her house.

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As a fellow teen with Asperger's, I would say: Cute story!:twilightsmile: Also is it just me, or the way she was written, might have a case of Asperger's herself....maybe???

I haven't started reading it yet, but I know it's going to be great. You're a great writer.

5974028 Perhaps, that's funny you'd say that because I was writing her character out as someone that acted a lot like I did when I was younger (and had not yet been diagnosed by any of my doctors to have Asperger's) so I actually wouldn't be surprised if she did have Asperger's.
Thank you, and thanks for your feedback too c:

5974458 he's right you should have way more followers. :)

5975652 Thank you so much, that means a lot actually :fluttercry:

Loved this :pinkiehappy: This should have more views

Now that's a good shipping. :pinkiehappy:

YES! Looks like someone read my comment!

5980525 LOL, you are heard :rainbowwild:

:derpyderp2: That was a good short romance story. Wishing it was longer at least 4 chapters or more.

5991195 Thanks! Maybe I will make a sequel sometime. :raritywink:

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