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It’s Bon Bon’s first time in the marketplace as a vendor, selling candy on Hearts and Hooves Day. Rarity stops by to discuss the kinds of sales that she makes on the holiday.

This story takes place during the later events of My True Self. However, reading that story is not a prerequisite for reading this one.

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Man, that induced way more thinking about Nirvana than I prefer doing on any given day.

Beautifully written. Great job.

Wonderful story. I just love how you write Lyra and Bon Bon! I can feel the perfect chemistry between them.

I'll eagerly await what you'll write next :)

A very nice slice of life. I hope we will see more additions to this "My True Self-verse" :twilightsmile:

If I wanted to read the whole series, at what part of My True Self would I want to read this?

In Chapter 9 of My True Self, there's a reference to Hearts and Hooves Day going by. This story is what happened during that Hearts and Hooves Day.


Think I worded that wrong.

At which point would I want to put My True Self aside and read this?

Hmm... if you wanted to read everything in perfect chronological order, then ideally, you'd stop reading My True Self approximately halfway through Chapter 9 (at the first line break) and jump over here.

I recognize that that is unnecessarily inconvenient, though, so if you don't want to do that, then you could stop after Chapter 8, read this, then go back to Chapter 9 and not be too out of order.

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