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Compelled by the unholy power of Aunts, young gentlecolt Birdy is sent to Canterlot to bolster Prince Blueblood's reputation and steal a piece of valuable military history.

With the help of his new (and impossibly intelligent) servant, he just might manage to survive the splendors of the capitol city.

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A right ripping yarn, indeed!

So absolutely, wonderfully Woodehousian!:raritystarry: Given the general matriarchal air of the show, the formidable aunts are very appropriate. (What else are the Princesses but formidable aunts to all of ponydom?):trollestia:

17700 Thank you so very much! :D Yes, the aunts transitioned into Equestria with alarming ease. Beware, Equestria. Bewaaaare.

The next chapter is almost ready for its debut, I'm just finishing up an illustration for it.

Poor Lyra a status climbing mother. Lyra's mother seems to be as bad as the aunts.

This... Is...

Absolutely topper. Spiffing, I should say. I am flabberghasted at the whole bally... thing, of the thing. A most remarkable display of wit and parody, indeed.

It's almost as if some enchantress of the not-entirely-good persuasion had come across the unhappy resting place of dear Wodehouse and summoned forth the old boy by the darkened arts of neighcromancy.

Given that I can see this animated before me, with the voices of Grant and Fry as Birdy and Greaves, you are obviously doing an excellent job!:raritystarry:

20305 Lyra definitely suffers from the affliction known as "Family"!

20319 All part of my overall . . . thingness. :derpytongue2: *salutes British Derpy*

I read all of this in Bertie's voice :pinkiehappy:

Well, I think, henceforth, in my head, Lyra is irrevocably and irreversibly British. I must admit I'm also impressed by the illustrations, not many authors supply them in stories and it adds a certain something to it. I especially like how the 'header' image for the story is based off the TV Show's opening titles!

Your style of writing here is doing an excellent job of mimicking Wodehouse's own, and I think it's a crying shame this has received such a poor rating right off the bat. Honestly, you ought to send this in to Equestria Daily, post-haste. If they accept my scribblings they'll certainly take this.

See, after reading it, I can't even type a comment without descending into that style of typing. I suppose this might come off as 'gushy', and I hear some authors are not particularly pleased to receive such comments, but honestly I can't find anything to improve. Jolly good show, old bean, what?

Awesome story! Man, if there was a tumblr based off this, I'd follow it in 1/100 of a heartbeat!

20363 I am most pleased to hear it! :raritystarry: Your comment, that is. Not his voice. Though that is nice too.

20341 Thank you kindly! :pinkiehappy: Ah, if only I had the talent to use the voices from a J&W clips and animate a little sketch of them as ponies, like that one Dr. Whooves sketch on YouTube . . . *dreams* Sadly, my talents don't run along those lines.

20598 Gush away, old chum, gush away!

In all seriousness, I do thank you for your feedback! It is very cheering to hear that I "got" the tone of the show / books. (Especially since I almost never write stories in the first person.) I'm also very pleased to know that you enjoyed the illustrations. "The arting" does not come naturally (or quickly) to me, but knowing that it contributed to the tale makes the effort worth it.

Thanks, old thing!

21659 If I were a faster drawer, I would find that a very tempting idea! :rainbowlaugh:

Since this IS Wodehouse with ponies, going wrong is an understatement.

24419 "Oh, I say. How bad do you think things are going to get, Greaves?"

"Well, sir, I would speculate they will fall somewhere between 'disastrous' and 'cataclysmic.'"

"Not good."

"No, sir."

"Still, there it is!"

what could possibly go wrong? Anything and Everything.

I must admit that I am woefully under-read in regards to the original story that this piece is taking its jolly cue from. But dash it all if I'm not absolutely chuffed by this work! If chuffed is indeed the word I'm looking for.
Will be keeping an eye on for future developments! Godspeed to you sir, and cheerio!

Or madame, as the case may be. Rather bad oversight on my part, wot?

The "Prestressed Concrete Beam" made me laugh. :rainbowlaugh:

24599 An accurate assessment, I would say! :pinkiehappy:

24631 Always pleased to see a new face, old chum! Welcome to the herd, as it were! :twilightsmile:

25137 Thank you muchly! I'm enormously pleased to hear that the header image is recognizable in relation to <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cWvwkqDCWQ&feature=related">the opening of the show.</a> The upcoming Chapter 4 has my favorite illustration in it to date and I am chomping at the bit to post it, if you'll pardon the pun.

As for Lyra and Bon Bon, well, I just could never see ponies fussing about same-sex couples. That just doesn't seem like something that would be on the pony radar one way or another. (Though I understand why other authors sometimes go that route--it's just not the path my ponies take.)

29468 Sadly, Prestressed Concrete is hardly better than some of Hasbro's official names. (Pillow Talk . . . really, Hasbro?)

This just gets better and better! AuGUST gets the Whiny Twit Of The Year Award!

I'm getting that feeling of impending doom again... I guess that feast is going to hold some Bad news for August.

I'm getting that feeling of impending doom again... I guess that feast is going to hold some Bad news for August.

31852 Thank you! Yes, I'd say Rarity's assessment of August as a "royal pain" in "The Best Night Ever" was spot on. He just never learns . . . :facehoof:

31866 To be honest, I wonder if Birdy doesn't pronounce it wrong on purpose, just to rile him. Though it's hard to say with our Intrepid Hero. :rainbowwild:

31889 Impending doom about covers it! :trollestia:

Oh, this was great fun! As a fan of Wodehouse, this is absolutely spot on. Two hooves up!

Heh, one can see how they would be related. Blueblood and he have a lot in common, for example they both are probably
highly annoying to be around.

Not to mention that both appear to be educated and well-read, yet also... well, clueless. And a little immature. But mostly clueless.

32621 Thank you muchly! :pinkiehappy:

38545 Indeed, they are each clueless in their own special way. :facehoof: Prince Blueblood is selfish and Birdy is an interesting combination of selfless and self-centered, not in the "I'm better than everyone" way that his cousin exhibits, but in the sense that he has trouble seeing beyond the boundaries of his own (very limited) experiences of life. That, of course, leads to all sorts of Interesting Problems. :derpytongue2:

Yay, more Canterlot follies! Birdy should really have a spade for a cutie mark, digging himself deeper all the time!:rainbowkiss:

Bonus points for Greaves interferring with Birdy's outfit; it is very much in character for the character he is based on. You get the impression the people Jeeves care most about (i.e., his colleagues) doesn't mind him working for a complete moron, but working for someone BADLY DRESSED... the shame from them, not to mention his own conscience, it would never leave him!

A talking bush? I have a feeling Birdy's first line next chapter will be along the lines of "Wait, what?!"

And now the classic Wodehousian plot begins to rear its own capita of somewhat questionable attractiveness.

Honestly, when either watching or reading a plot where a character digs themselves deeper and deeper, generally through no fault of their own, I'm forced to cringe in utmost sympathy for them. Of course, how was Birdy to know that Lyra had neglected to inform Bon Bon of the entire façade?

Great as always! :raritywink:

Very well done, it fits the feeling of Wodehouse very well. And I love the art. Carry on!

50913 It's so true. Stupidity in an employer can't be helped in some cases, but a garish neck tie is simply unthinkable. I love the spade observation. :rainbowlaugh:

50989 Even in the land of magical talking ponies, definitely an unusual thing to come across!

54069 And he would've gotten away with it too, if it hadn't been for those meddling ki--err, I mean, if Lyra had shown up before her parents had! I must admit, I both am enjoy and am horrified by seeing characters face slowly approaching yet inexorable doom. The kind that makes you shout "Don't open the door!" at the TV screen.

54220 Thank you very much! :pinkiehappy:

54345 Thank you! :twilightsmile: I must admit I absolutely loved drawing this one. :derpytongue2: Bon Bon does look like she's going to have to borrow Cyclops' visor sometime soon.

Oh, BTW, over at TV Tropes they have (among a lot of other crap) a section of recommended fanfics for different media. Horribly enough Canterlot Follies was missing, so I added it. I hope that's OK.:moustache:

60675 Ah HA, so that's why I was suddenly getting a lot of traffic from TV Tropes! Thank you, the review (and your kind words) were much appreciated! :twilightsmile:

And it finally got up on EqD, so you'll probably be getting another increase in traffic. :pinkiehappy:

I just started to read, but I couldn't wait to express my gratitude for this wonderfully written masterpiece.

I'm a big fan of P.G.W. myself and your style surely revives the Woodehousian spirit, and the witty pony references made me laugh every single time. Especially Lady Agata and her gaze of a cockatrice. :pinkiehappy:

Please, please, pretty please keep up the good work.

Fantastic job! This is both transcribed well into the Pony world, and written very accurately to the original P.G. Wodehouse style! Incredible!

Um... I don't think you want to call the bookshop pony a "chippie" instead of a chappie. I mean, a "chippie" is a lady of dubious profession who doesn't receive much pay, or who simply does it for free, and I can't imagine Birdy being so impolite as to use said slang. And that's the same period's slang term for it too, which makes it worse. I assume that it was just an unfortunate typo?

"Feeling chippy" or chipper is a totally different word. :)

Anyway, very much enjoying this story.

62232 Really? In Wodehouse's books I am fairly sure he uses the term for any young, female character. I guess the slang has changed over time! For the benefit of today's readers, I will change it. :twilightsheepish:

This is beautiful - you have the voices of the original exactly right, and the ponies only make it funnier. Congratulations - you deserve it!

Well written. I am a big fan of the Jeeves and Wooster tv series, though I have yet to read the books, and I like how this is going. I also liked the appearence of Derpy.

Well done indeed. I can't wait to see what's going to happen next. :rainbowlaugh:

I might even watch my Jeeves and Wooster DVDs again.

As with the previous chapters, splendiferously done and a riotously amusing read. Glad to hear it will be but a short delay before the next chapter....

Oh, I love it! I LOVE it! This just made my day!

he had to say the phrase of doom, didn't he? Good luck, Birdy, you're going to need it.

Trust me, this is not a monstrous length, it is a good length!

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