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A guy. A guy who writes stories. Stories about ponies. (And sometimes robots).


Who is the mysterious Count Fetlock? What does he want in Ponyville? And, most importantly, can Twilight Sparkle find out before it's too late for Fluttershy?

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Holy shit this is a very well written and interesting Fan Fiction! Well done, Mah Boi!:moustache:

I'll be honest: I hate stories containing vampires. I loathe them. I disdain them. I wish they had never been written in the first place.
But hell, this one was truly worth reading! I really don't know how you come up with this stuff, but it's awesome. And the ending is especially :rainbowlaugh:

hehehe. this is great:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:
keep it up!

Spike didn't have a mustache and Fluttershy didn't have a goatee so that means... quick somepony check Pinkie Pie for a toupée!

I had read this story on fanfiction.net earlier. I love it. It's a very good way to introduce darker themes in a funny way to the ponyverse, and the characters feel real - it's like the characters from the show, only slightly uncensored and unhinged. And of course Fluttershy would be the girl who would be taken in by a monster claiming to be nice!


At least he didn't sparkle in the sun:facehoof:

Ahh, going by the old saying,"Beware the quiet ones." Fluttershy may be as sweet as a butterfly covered in honey but can bite stronger than a dragon.
Plus you are right, at least they burn and not sparkle in the glistening sun.:yay:

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