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Can Twilight Sparkle, the smartest pony in Ponyville, help Pinkie Pie and her friend Minty pick out the perfect gift? Will Twilight be able to fix the hole in the kitchen wall? And what exactly IS a "decoy present", anyway?

(Title image by Avarick, used with permission. :) )

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A nice Slice of Life story with a fun alternative to just using OC's.


Oh, Lady Moondancer just so you know this appears to have been posted just when FIMfiction is going a bit screwy with slowdowns and giving tons of error messages. So if the views and ratings end up abysmal its because of bad luck causing the story to be missed not because of a lack of quality in the story itself.

Minty and Kimono... G3, I believe? Anyway, Pinkie? Nopony understands you! Also, I want to give Twilight a set of ball-point pens. Hmm, I might do that...

Hey! This fanfiction is very enjoyable. I was pleasantly surprised and honored to see my art used here, since I didn't expect it to be that great. (Hay, I don't even read fanfiction, except for a few exceptions!) So, congratulations! I love the way you brought Minty and Kimono to life in the G4 universe. Good luck, and I'll be following the story! :rainbowdetermined2:

Good work! tracked and faved!


"...when that whole Smarty Pants thing went down!”

For some reason, that line of Minty's made me break out into the giggles. Must be a leftover colt characteristic, laughing at the very thought of pants going down. (I will have myself slapped later.)

:rainbowlaugh: Thanks for the shoutout!

I work at a library, and I actually had a woman with a similar problem who tried to more or less bribe me to learn which people read the same sort of books as her. Never mind that I'm not allowed to tell, I lack Twilight's magic and the registers don't work that way. I suggested that she lurk around the poetry shelves but she wasn't amused.

“A party without a dragon there to get his party-on is just a drag!"
:moustache: lol

Ooh, I sense a bit of snobbery with Twilight, there. And why can I see her doing something like this? I sense trouble...

Bahahahaha! A carpenter...and the bomb squad. *keels over laughing* That is just too good!

I freaking love this, and I'm not a fan of G3 at all. In fact, to be perfectly frank, I rather dislike it, personally. No offense meant to those that do like it, and all, and yes, I did really give it a chance, I watched all of A Charming Birthday, A Very Minty Christmas, and at least most of two or three others, and my reaction at first was kill it with fire!!!! which eventually toned down to merely a beleaguered meh, with a lingering side of gosh those ponies look creepy. Of course, I honestly thought G4 looked even creepier at first, but the animation makes it grow on you. /rambling

Point being, what you've done with these characters is amazing and transcends my own feelings about their origins. You've fleshed them out in a way that makes them very enjoyable, figuring out the full consequences of Minty's sock obsession, somehow turning her scatterbrained nature more endearing than annoying, and continuing her friendship with Pinkie Pie, showing how very different and yet fundamentally the same it would be with this version of Pinkie...I find this fascinating, I does, and it actually makes me see that Minty may not have been so devoid of personality as I gave her credit for. Also, Kimono is the only G3 pony I actually liked, so just knowing she'll be in this is a big plus for me. :pinkiehappy: This is why I live outside of town! :rainbowlaugh: I adore the idea of her living in a cave and loving but not being able to keep books!

Anyway, G3 ramblings aside, this is very well written. I especially like the dialogue, very clever and snappy and always in character. Almost a hint of a Whedon-like quality. You also have a very good handle on show vs tell, imo, and that's something everyone struggles with...

And yay there's already another chapter to read! I can't wait for Twilight to meet Kimono. It's going to be so awesome! :rainbowkiss: Needless to say, faving this like mad.

I'm really, really liking this so far. Very lively and fun to read. The characters feel spot-on and the use of pre-G4 characters is a big plus to me. Keep it up. :pinkiehappy:

875589 Ahah! I thought I spotted a shoutout n_n Love the booktitles btw, I may have to beg your okay to make some bookcovers or buttons up.

"She was going to make a new friend or DIE TRYING."

I really, really want to see how this all ends.

Also, I now think "oogle-oogle-boogle" whenever I'm reading a story and Twilight starts being Twilight, so take that as you will.

Nice to see the G3 ponies having fun in the G4 verse. And to be fair, they'd fit in more than others think.


See? Fit right in perfectly.

For future reference, 'very sensitive' means you open it under water.

This is seriously cute. Faved and upvoted.

Has Twilight learned yet that Kimono becomes one with the universe by listening to the sounds of nature to impart her words of wisdom? Hopefully Twilight won't have to be chased by a Hydra before she accepts it's real.

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