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Hello, I am Sunstar, and I am a professional author. I love to write and share my stories.

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Thanks for the Fave on "The Legend Of Zelda: Equestrian Nightmare".:moustache:

Hey thanks for the Fav on "The Fall of Link" also i welcome any suggestions or ideas from my viewers.


Thanks for the fav

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Welcome to my Fanon!

Before the First Age of Pony, there were the primorial protoponies. these beings were all earthlings and resembled horses. From the protoponies came the first ponies. They were nomads who traveled in herds led by a single stallion. They did not think like we do now. They were guided by instinct alone. Their speech was in nieghs and nickers.

The First Age of Pony began with the rise of language and the development of the first civilizations. True thought took off as the brain had evolved beyond basic instinct. These ponies still resembled horses, but they were smaller then their ancestors. The Stallion was still head of his herd and town.

Toward the end of the First Age of Pony, a new energy was discovered. It was called Magic. Magic moved like water in a river. Soon, this magic had condensed into a single large flow that flowed in the sky. A new type of pony was starting to appear.

The second Age of Pony began with the birth of the first Unicorn. This Unicorn could manipulate the Flow to to their will. The Unicorn studied Magic and created the first spells. It also gave rise to the next new type, the Pegasus. The first pegasus did not fly, but rather used their wings to jump higher and farther then ever before. True flight came about in the Third Age of Pony.

The Third Age of Pony saw true flight by the Pegasus and more powerful magic by the Unicorn. This was also the last age of the long legged horse form. Due to the wild use of Magic, the Flow became destablized which led to the end of the Third Age of Pony when it collapsed. This led to the Great Extinction in which 98% of life was wiped out. Pony kind was brought down to six breeding pairs while many of the animal races were completely wiped out.

This led to the first Dark Age. With little food and water, the survivors reverted to the old way of the herd. They traveled far and wide in search of food. Unicorns were gone. Pegasi lost true flight. Earthlings tried to grow food but the land was dead. Eventually, the herd found its way into what would become Equinova. Here, the Fourth Age of Pony dawned.

This age saw the rise of castles and the return of civilization. Towns and villages flourished Pegasi regained true flight while Unicorns began to appear again. This first settlement was named Dream Valley. From Dream Valley new settlements rose. Equinova became a country as the many settlements rose to become their own kingdoms. Riverdale and Rainbowfalls rose on the other side of the vast Blackhill mountain range. New types of Pony rose as pony kind evolved. Flutter ponies rose from the pegasi, Seaponies rose from the unicorns magic and the earthlings desire, and from the seaponies and earthlings came the mereponies. Dragonponies rose towad the end of the fourth age.

The fifth age of pony rose as new advances were made in magic. The very first Aicorn, a pony with both wings and a horn, was born to Princess Tiffany and Prince Darkstar. She was named Dawnstar. Dawnstar grew up and became Queen of Dream Valley. She married King Deadskull of the Shadowlands and gave him an alicorn daughter, Villana, and an alicorn son, Dreadwing. Evil entered the land. Calling itself Chaos, it was a large black Pegasis with red feathers and eyes. Dawnstar met him in battle but was forced to retreat. Around then, Dawnstar gave birth to Twila, a Unicorn filly. Deadskull took Twila to a place called Angel's island to protect her. Villana and her husband, Ganon, joined them. Twila made friends with the pegasus stallion Link.

Dawnstar fought Chaos many times. She came up with a plan to stop him using a powerful spell. She joined forces with her family and Link. Together they unleased the first Strike of the Seven Gaurdians, an attack that was so powerful that it destroyed the Palace of Magic. It did not distroy Chaos. Link cast a seal around Chaos, sacrificing himself to form a seal around the enemy. Dawnstar fused light and darkness to form the Flow of Magic and shifted it so it would flow through the sealed evil. She called it the source of Magic and hid it inside its own pocket demension. She also created the Guardianship to watch over and protect the Flow.

The prince of Rainbowfalls and Princess of Riverdale fell in love. Their fathers aproved and they constructed a bridge between their castles, which each sat on opposite sides of Rainbow River. Their children fell deeply in love with each other and soon married. With the two Kingdoms united in marriage, a new name was needed. Two names were settled upon, Riverfalls, and Rainbowdale. To prevent civil war, the princess, who was with foal, said that if she had a colt, they would go with Rainbowdale. If she had a filly, they would go with Riverfalls. When the time came for the Princess to give birth, She gave birth to a filly, and a pair of colts. The new kingdom was named Riverfalls because the filly was the first born. The filly, named Starrise, went on to marry and have triplets of her own, one named Flaming Wind. Flaming Wind would father Windsparkle, who would give birth to Flaming Star and Sparklestar.

Sunstar and Riverstar were born to Sunriver and Flamingstar, king and Queen of Riverfalls. Riverfalls fell to Mage, a dark Guardian of Magic. Sunstar grew up in Dream Valley where she fought and healed Mage. The spell backlashed, turning a piece of Sunstar's soul dark. After she fought and saved Deathstar, God of Death, Deathstar threw himself into finding a cure for Sunstar. He would go on to create the Elements of Harmony, using the good emotions of the six Guardians serving under Sunstar. He also created two Alicorn fillies, Celestia and Luna, which Sunstar carried to term. No one expected Celestia to be born with a male aicorn twin, Aries. Sadly, the cure was not ready in time to heal Sunstar.

Sunstar went dark and destroyed Equinova. She destroyed the Flow and brought about the mini extinction in which saw the end of the Grundles, seaponies, mereponies, and many other races. Only 50 percent of all life was destroyed. The Flutter Ponies lost the Sunstone and Sunstar 'saved' them by changing them to Changlings. They became her army.

Knowing that Sunstar could not be stopped, Ribbons journied to Tambelon and begged Grogar for help. She saw Grogars past and felt for him. Grogar knew how dire the threat Sunstar posed so he agreed. He met with the Guardians of which Ribbons was a member, a plan was cobbled together where Battlefield, the only known pony that could stand up to Sunstar, whould keep her at bay while the spell was cast that would bind Sunstar to Tambelon. Grogar fell in love with Ribbons and her daughter, Ribbon.

Sunstar met her former friends and family in battle. Tirac engaged her first and soon switched places with Battlefield. He then joined the Guardians in summoning the darkness needed to make the binding spell stick. He would not survive the battle as would 75% of the two armies. When the dust finally cleared, Battlefield had vanished and only three Guardians remained. Tambelon took Sunstar with it into the Realm of Darkness. Thus, the Fifth Age of Pony came to an end.

The second Dark Age began next. Mage gathered all known survivors and guided them away from their ruined homeland. They journied for many months until they arrived on the outskirts of what would be known as the Blue Manor. Mage used the remains of the dead sun and the Flow to create a new Sun and Moon. Celestia took the Sun and Luna took the Moon. Mage and Andromeda passed away during the first winter, starting a young black colt on his path to become King Sombra. After Sombra was sealed, Luna was tainted.

Celestia and Aries sent Luna to the moon when she became Nightmare Moon, and Aries, tainted by Luna, begged Celestia to send him to Mars, which she did. Tambelon came, and she rang the bell to send it back. This led to the end of the Dark Age and the begining of the Sixth Age of Pony.

This age saw pony kind become lazy and partyholics. They came to be called the third generation. Tambelon came, and the third Generation fell to Sunstar before Celestia could ring the bell and send it back. This also ended the Sixth Age of Pony.

200 years of Dark Age saw Celestia rebuild her home. After this Dark Age came the current age, the Seventh Age of Pony. Luna and Aries returned and were purified by the Elements. Tambelon returned, but the bell was shattered...

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