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A group with one sole purpose. To collect My Little Ponies stories that are NOT depressing or bleak. This would exclude stories which involves Equestria entering a violent war and the mane six suffering PTSD, Celestia being a 'for the greater good' amoral mastermind or inanely incompetent or just plain evil, one of the cast secretly being a psycho, Equestria harbors a deep dark secret to its continued operation or suffers from not just from economic divisions but outright racism and witch hunts, were a meteorite hits Equestria, kills 98% of Equestria's population then half of them are killed on the way to a sanctuary then the surviving 1% of the population end the story with a group hug smiling with happy music playing, one of the characters gets cancer, AND stories that attack or lampoon thinly veiled stand-ins for real life beliefs or public figures. Basically, this is to be a collection of stories that are NOT grim dark tragedies (or grim dark triumphs), keeps the ponies in character, and doesn't end or begin with fresh graves.

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I think I gave you admin status to help manage the group.

I wrote 12 MLP stories. :pinkiehappy:

I have none to add to this group... :pinkiesad2:

Is it Okay if you put your hero through the wringer before giving them their happy ending?

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