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Hello. I am a big fan of your crimson lips universe I have read it 5 times already but when I wanted to read it again I couldn't find it on fimfiction or your official site. I was wondering did you delete it or move it? Is there any way to read it again? Thank you.

Just a quick heads-up: at least for me, the banner does not work as a link -- it just brings up the picture. In case anyone else has the same problem, Tales from Hollow Shades is here.

How the heck am I happily following you on Twitter and somehow missed following you here!? :raritydespair:

Keep up the awesomeness! :twilightsmile:

[Removed: Communication achieved successfully.]

Are mono chromatic and swan song the ones who do that MWOP thing? Onomatopoeia thing? I don’t now I’m curious though disclaimer I am high on edibles but inquiring minds want to know…MWOP?

Update it says MWAP On Swan songs profile so I feel vindicated cool I’m not crazy I remember things awesome. You too are both awesome people I hope you know that. Assuming I actually know who swan song is because the answer seems to frequently change. But all iterations of swansong have been awesome people so I guess it all works out anyways. Whoah quantum mechanics awesome

Just received the hard copies of the books! Thank you for setting this up!

Guess what just arrived and looks beautiful on my bookshelf?!?


Next chapter soon?

Oh my, um, thanks for the follow! :pinkiegasp::yay:

I hope I was able to make your day a little bit brighter. You've done the same for me on more than one occasion.

Who does the cover art for the physical books? I'd love to get art work done by them :)

  • Viewing 479 - 493 of 493
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