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Perfect has seven letters and so does meeeeee.


TEK - 07 - The Boutique of Dreams

TEK - 08 - The Dreams of Alicorns
- May 6th

TEK - 09 - Untitled
- May 23rd

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The RariTwi Group has a large collection of raritwi stories. There's over 200 so there's way more than just my stuff

I was just looking for some other raritwi shipfics but soon found out most of them are yours anyway:pinkiecrazy:

I finished reading Injuring Eternity today, while on my lunch break at work.:pinkiesad2:

I teared up a little.:raritydespair:

You made me cry at work, Mono. About purple gf's.:raritycry:

Nobody saw me cry at work about purple gf's, but YOU MADE ME CRY AT WORK ABOUT PURPLE GF'S.:twilightangry2::raritydespair:


I’m going to write a story called “The Enchanted Twiberry” about Rarity thinking Twilight’s ghost is haunting a mulberry bush.

What happened to the Art of the Blades? I was gonna read it again:fluttershysad:

If I may ask,how long will the class take?The lack of your fantastic stories will depress me for a long time...:fluttershbad:
I began to miss you though you havn't been away for a while.Will you come back soon?

  • Viewing 403 - 412 of 412
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