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must.... resist.... wanting to write... bodyguard au... oneshot....

Today is the day I learned your OC has her own tag on Derpibooru!

I apologize if I ever asked, but would you be willing to take a request?

i purposely spent money on something with your name on it
when el+ek and injuring the last train home for eternity come out you can bet your purple gorlfriends i'll do the same thing

Story Approver

Go to bed, dork.

Looks like you already got the news. Good show, Mono.

Thank you for the fav! :raritywink: :raritywink:

You've probably heard the news, mostly likely you were there when it happened, but congratulations on getting voted the best fan fic in the fandom!

RCL Voting Results

Happy (very late) birthday Mono! :heart:

  • Viewing 447 - 461 of 461
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