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The series is currently on a more serious hiatus while I re-write/revamp the third book.

Click here to visit my personal fanfiction website! This is where I'm usually active.


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I downloaded it from fimfetch. I would rather use fimfiction so I can have it saved on to my library. I can't do that with your website. All I would do with you website is download the complete story and archive it.

mostly because im converting it into original fic!

but the story is still up on my website if u want to read it c:

Why was Crimson Lips removed?

I'm so happy you're still here! :rainbowkiss:

I loved Injuring Eternity and just about everything you did after.

Good vibes being sent!



UUhhh basically tl;dr this was the worst year of my life personally and I basically almost gave up on writing and frankly on living period, but I am working through it!! TEC was affected the most because TELverse is like... so part of me that when I'm in a really bad place, my relationship with the series suffers greatly, but I'm also working on fixing that as well c:

as for helping, just supporting me is help enough! i am not active on fimfiction, but i read every comment left on my personal website, so always feel free to post there if you want to send good vibes my way c:


Why? Did something happened? I'm not asking about the story (but I will be lying if I say I don't care), but about "I figured out some stuff" part, together with this on your site:

"I had to basically spend a year doing the most brutal, hardest metaphorical spring cleaning I’ve ever done of my Entire Self."

Is everything okay? I mean, I know it isn't (blog reading spedrun) but still, can we, as community that you created, help somehow?

Oh, so that's the reason Mono deleted the fic on this site! Thanks for letting me know! I'll give a look to Hollow Shades. Let's hope Mono's original work is a success. 🙂

Thank you so much for the help :). I dmed mono and apparently they are writing a non-mlp, original version of crimson lips (which sounds epic!!). If you want you can access the edited first chapter on Mono's site Hollow Shades by becoming a member I think. Which is great, they deserve all the support they get and more. Don't worry for an original is under way :heart:

Here's a copy of the fanfic:

I don't know why Mono deleted it. I hope she's doing okay. :(




Those fics can still be found here:

Also, I've found another fic Mono has deleted:

Now, about the reason behind the deletions..., I have no idea. :(

Comment posted by Swan Song deleted Oct 25th, 2023

hi mono! i read TEL/TEK a couple months back and loved them! i especially loved how it addressed the complexity of trauma, not just as a "a bad thing happened to you. you confronted it. you're cured now" but a complex, nonlinear process of healing and rebuilding yourself. so much so that i've finally gotten around to writing a TEL/TEK fanfic, which you can find here! it's about all the fun times[citation needed] rarity had in hollow shades between chapters 35 and 36 of TEK.

thank you so much for your work, and for carrying the raritwi fandom on your back. i gotta write a bodyguard fic too eventually!


The author said that she'll rewrite the first meeting between Twi and Princess Rarity. I don't know when.

Hey, what happened to ‘The Princess’s Choice?’ It’s by far one of my favorites and I was wondering if it was removed permanently.

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