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(they/them) writing about ponies kissing and hugging and making terrible mistakes (pfp by evelili! https://evelili.tumblr.com/post/731980670351622144/free-icons-for-u-nd-ur-partner-in-crime )

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man · 6:33am Oct 3rd, 2023

listen i've been on the internet long enough to know the whims of the mob are unknowable. but MAN getting my first triple digit likes on a pithy joke fic that i slopped together in an hour... i don't think it's BAD it's just like, i have other stuff i put actual effort into! cmon!! :fluttershbad:

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i like your profile picture.

you fuckin KNOW i gotta rep

omg lili avatar in the wild


I see you've also written a bunch of stories . . . impressive work in a short amount of time!

[I also did the 'discover the show, read a whole bunch, then register for FimFiction and start publishing my own stuff]

pretty new lol, watched mlp for the first time in may of this year and have read probably over a million words of fanfic since then. It's Healthy.

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