When I first met Princess Twilight, she was confused, lost. Adrift in an alien world. I thought of her as a rich eccentric, certainly a foreigner. I humored her as much as I believed her, really. Even when she dragged me to the very ends of the world in her mad quest for a mythic well, I really did it all for her. I figured it would help her find some closure, and we could go home.

I was right, in a way.

Based roughly on the game 80 Days.

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7495596 Yes, technically. It was written as a crossover with 80 Days. I should put that in the description.

Horizon will be pleased. :D

Could I get some info on the art youve used?

7495740 Well, I hope so. I fear I didn't quite live up to his expectation.

Thank you for reading. Gosh this fic took forever. It was a weird one.

Weird, perhaps, but also wild and wonderful!

For some reason, Twilight looks like a r63 version of Shiiro (I think that's his name) from Log Horizon in that cover art to me.

only one chapter in and i can tell the author put a lot of work into this story.

p.s how long did it take for you to make this story?

7495954 god, forever. I spent like a week on this and put my multichapters on hold. But it just had to happen. It wanted to, and so it did.

>No sad, tragedy, or romance tag
>color me impressed!

There's not much else I can say about this story that I didn't already say to you in gushing heaps on Skype, so instead I'll just that I love this story sooooo much :heart:

Thank you for reading. Gosh this fic took forever. It was a weird one.

Weird, maybe, but definitely beautiful.

7496177 inorite?

Even tho I've only used the tragedy tag once. People always expect that a lot more.

Wow that was extraordinary. One of the many stories that deserves a lot of love.

Does anyone know the artist of the cover art?

Amazing story and intriguing world building. A beautiful story

Wonderful story you've got here. It has... There's something special about stories that rely on a teller instead of experiencing it from their perspective.

I took a closer look at the signature in the corner it says Stupidyou3 so here you go :raritywink:
Deviantart link to the picture

7496582 you've only used it once? That's a real


Okay, so:
I would have given this a favorite and followed you based on style alone. It is fantastic.
The characters are so deeply interesting, and the POV sells the wholes story so well.
The more subtle references to Eighty days are brilliant.
In short, this is amazing. You poured your heart and soul into this, and it shows. Thank you very much for creating this.

I dont think you remember what Rule 34 is, bud. you're thinking of Rule 63. Rule 34 is the one which states there is porn of everything.


Oops, I gotcha. Yeah I think I mixed 'em up or somethin.

Once again you weave a beautiful world with your words.

Awesome work there.
I kinda expected the Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey stuff at the end and would probably have been disappointed if it wouldn't have been there. :twilightblush:

A bit confused; was the lady at the bar Twilight or the girl who helped her? I'm guessing the latter, but am not entirely sure.

7495605 I really hope that there's a sequel to this.

Aaand answered. I think the confusion stemmed from the description; I thought the man was the narrator from it and this was going to be his first meeting with the princess. Seems silly now.
I guess I also thought this was sort of going to be like a Samurai Jack thing; that Twilight had been traveling, chasing myths and legends to find a way home and having been on many adventures because of it.

ermahgerd I have to read this like right now !

Oh wow, that was excellent.

I'd go so far as to say that this right here is a good example of just how meaningful fanfic can be.

And finished.

Words alone cannot give due justice to just how freaking fantastic this was.
I couldnt put it down! (metaphorically writing)
A masterpiece of writing..

Simply amasing. This is the kind of literature I mostly see in my literature books, or that of books similar to Sherlock Holmes. I admire this kind of writing, they tend to sound like music to my ears. A biography of ones adventure that seemed real. If I could give this story a like or two for each chapter I would.

I remember when I sat and read through the stories in my literature book during english class. Of how I miss my classmates who had been with me for most of my life. Best of Wishes to you my friend, I shall follow you and await more of your tales.

This certainly sounds like something that would intrigue me. I shall carry onwards! :moustache:

Oh my my my... you've done well with this one. Very well indeed.

I see it a little. But she's missing the villainy part of the Villain in Glasses.

Fucking incredible Cyn.

You seriously outdid yourself with this one.

I've just finished the story and I'm still digesting it. As a short story it had an interesting beginning but there were a few moments that confused me. The first was the shift in narrator and it could be a bit jarring at times as I had to realize who exactly was speaking. There were also a few moments when Sophie was narrating that confused me on her gender as she mentioned gentleman and other very masculine terms that confused me as to her actual gender for more than a bit and made me second guess that she was actually the same woman as walked in in the first part of the story.

The actual transition and story itself had me for moments with an interesting style of telling a journey in short vignettes that hit me as interesting. The ending however leaves me unsatisfied and I'm trying to figure out exactly why. I think my dissatisfaction arises from my interest in the listener to this tale and how his story doesn't seem resolved, nor what actually happens after this story ended. Then again, the very last bit with the listener feels like it accelerated before I could appreciate what happened. He starts referencing an actual name like it's supposed to mean something and there's some connection that I don't understand which feels like it's something important I should actually know but obviously cannot as this isn't a world I'm familiar with. I also expected him to act as a guide or go with her and have this create a circle. I think that's also partially why I'm not as satisfied with the ending. You just have her leave behind a book that I think is on the Elements of Harmony...but it's in a language you can't read so it loses any real meaning. That's like me giving you a book completely in an impossible to translate cipher.

So I come to the end of this and I'm not sure what to make of this story. I'm still thinking and not getting an answer that satisfies me. I hope this will help in your future writings. I thought this was interesting and stylistically I like it but I'm not going to be up voting it because I can't say I liked the actual story and work overall. I'm feeling ambivalent after traveling on this journey...

Wow, that was a short by amazing ride.

Thank you for writing it.

Time flows in strange ways.
In a world of all edges, time is a closed loop from which another world may step into and out of as if no time had passed at all, for in such a curved space all time is one eternal moment.

Heh, Sophie probably has more magical knowledge than her country's ruler now. Usurp her Sophie! You have the power!

What a wonderful little story. It reminded me of a twiluna story I read a long time ago, Apotheosis.


Yeah, does anyone have a link to the artist who made the cover image?

I... I can't.

I can't even words.

Ugh... this... this! I want more of this. But this is the last chapter! No~ :applecry:

Beautiful language, great story. This is going into my favorites.

Great story, 80 Days is the game from inkle studios, is that correct? Is the world they are navigating from the Pathfinder Midgard setting by Koblod Press? Trying to look into more of the background setting of the story. :twilightblush:

7500442 not sure of the games studio. The world is the one I cobbled together for my Pathfinder group to play in.

Welp. This is one of the best stories I've read in a long time

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