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If you're reading this, fimfic writers, I just want to say: Thank you, for the beautiful journeys.

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2357500 No, I don't find writing and planning as interesting as many of you do and English is not my native language. I'm simply a passerby who pick up random fic to enjoy in his little free time then leave a comment or two here and there. Sorry I can't help you.

Do you have any plans to write a troll fic with a watersports theme?

Thanks, that was what my quiet friend mumbled when he was out drunk :rainbowlaugh:

Your user name,

it's brilliant.:rainbowlaugh:

I love it. Will read it again someday.
I also had my sister to read it, she's lying on the couch hugging Pinkie. Can't see her face but I could hear quiet sobbing now :twilightsheepish:
Well, I'm going to check out your bookshelf in the meantime then.
Thank you, that was a beautiful read I had in awhile :twilightsmile:
Have a good day.

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