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Heartless BadFox

I may not have a heart for those who wants mercy but I am not cold as ice to not grant that mercy. My creator made me and wish to use me, but they cannot control the darkness and one's will.


Let's be honest. · 11:30pm Mar 13th, 2020

Hello Everyone, Heartless here, yes I know it's been so fucking long. I am here to say that I am back, but do not hold my words to heart. I started this when I turned 15 years old, but I have done my best to keep the stories I wrote going. That is my fault and no one else's, you can blame me for losing interest in them. Hell, you can blame this fucker for not writing more for The Hunter. However, I am back and I want to make an announcement. For the past 5 years, I put most of my

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Comment posted by Heartless BadFox deleted July 18th

I loved the "man with no heart" why :(

good luck to you

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