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I figured it was time I wrote something here. Done.

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Discord Server · 10:02pm Saturday

Hello guys and gals! The story now has a Discord server! This server will also be used for my future stories, but I thought it fitting for it to be named after my first story.

Here is the link!

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Oh, trust me I am fully aware of that. I think I was trying to be poetic about the major letdown that the game was. I'm glade thye stuck with it and didn't abandon ship.

By the way, No man’s sky has improved a lot, and they are delivering the things they promised. Just really late. And yeah they probably shouldn’t have lied. But, it looks cool, and the game isn’t bad.

Whenever I see your name I cycle through the different pronunciations for a second because I don't know how you pronounce it.

Your profile picture... You do know where it is from? Right?

I normally pronounce it as Gravity-oh-twelve. but people i play online with have corrected me before, that it is Gravity-zero-twelve. so i use either one of those. why do you ask?

thanks! (I'm so confused)

It could also be gravity-zero-twelve / gravity-zero-one-two

Or it could be that the "zero" is silent and the name is pronounced as Gravity-twelve / Gravity-one-two.

Any other way it is, I think this is a pointless debate when you can copy the name and click the reply button. It's not like we're talking on here, just messaging through text. :applejackconfused:

You bare the saddening symbol of a cursed, wrongful game. Where no man makes his claim to fame, only dug in the falsified lies throughout the deluding, void sky.

Do you pronounce your name as gravity-oh-one-two or gravity-oh-twelve?

  • Viewing 44 - 53 of 53
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