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Hn · 5:34am Jan 29th, 2021

How long has it been... since the end of everything?

The death of the universe and its subsequent rebirth... witnessing it, causing it, giving it life anew... I don't know.

Billions of years flashed by as I slumbered, haunted by dreams of death, failure; watching everyone I've ever loved die before me. All my friends, my comrades, companions, and lovers---all died before my eyes---fighting to save existence from complete and total annihilation.

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I recently binged your story, A Winter's Rose, and, I've got to say, it is a well aged story, and I love it. An emotional roller coaster for sure, and I can only hope to make a dirty just as good as it some day.

hey winter, I wanted to say thanks for the story’s, there lovely and never get old, I hope everything is well for you.

I sent through private message tell me if you got it all right

  • Viewing 105 - 109 of 109
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