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Hn · 5:34am January 29th

How long has it been... since the end of everything?

The death of the universe and its subsequent rebirth... witnessing it, causing it, giving it life anew... I don't know.

Billions of years flashed by as I slumbered, haunted by dreams of death, failure; watching everyone I've ever loved die before me. All my friends, my comrades, companions, and lovers---all died before my eyes---fighting to save existence from complete and total annihilation.

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I sent through private message tell me if you got it all right

Maybe? Keep in mind that I'm rarely online anymore and may take a while to look things over. I suggest using Grammarly, other than that, send me an open Google Docs link and I'll edit it when I have the time. :heart:

I like the idea of the story and can you help me with a story I'm planning I only have the first chapter figured out I just need help with grammar and well I'm taking the shower so I don't mess it up if you can and send me a private message when you are able to respond

  • Viewing 105 - 109 of 109
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