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Good News! · 4:25pm February 2nd



Well sorta it still needs to be edited and dismantled by my editors because they are a merciless and cruel master. But I think I can end it for part two of Twilight talking more stuff!!

Look forward to it!

I can feel the friendship unicorn power flowing through my veins!!

~Interactive Thread~

I want one so I can answer questions and keep up with you guys, as well as story suggestions, or reading material that you find inspiring so I can take a gander~

:trollestia: I actually like interacting with my fans :trollestia:

So feel free to tell me what you think!

Constructive Criticism is good too, but there is positive constructive criticism and negative. I would prefer it remain on the positive, instead of ripping my heart out just because you dont like the story, just show me stuff so I can become better because I'm still learning :fluttercry:

Blog Updates are where I expect most comments!

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Wanting more of your stories, just loving them. The feels are real.:pinkiesmile:

I am truly enjoying "Too Sweet a Deal" so very much. Thank you for writing it and sharing it with your readers. I know writing isn't a fast process and I'm eagerly awaiting the next chapter(s).

Comment posted by TherealNightblader deleted Oct 16th, 2018

As of now it is 59 pages of the next chapter, all in standard 11 font size

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