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Love your stories so far keep it up!!:pinkiesmile:

J-90 #15 · 2 weeks ago · · ·

Ty for the fave:twilightsmile:

2337927 yeah i love ranma and finding this story and seeing snails as the main pony is truly unique and amazing cant wait for more:pinkiesmile:

Thanks for joining the Snails 1/2 fan club. its funny... i judged snails power from 1 clip in boast busters... he lights his horn and the horn glow is massive... dwarfs even rarity's horn glow.

So i figured he was as "powerful" as Rarity, on par with "Gifted Unicorn" Students... but compleatly untrained...

SOOO i went from there... THEN hasbro and DHX goes and gives me buckball season, showing snails with as much power and control as starlight... with Rarity's level of multi-tasking, levetating several objects in different ways... while lifting himself with a levetating bucket... that gives him the power levels needed to fly with TK if he wanted.

Then they give us a pegasus with Escargot's body and colors... that was just a gift... LOL.

  • Viewing 12 - 16 of 16
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