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Writing the childhoods I wish I had.


I'm a somewhat troubled writer of delicious foalcon, and bizarro slice of life. I am perhaps a bit uppity.

tl;dr my stories over Tor, Freenet and i2p

The following contact methods may rely on these privacy and free publication tools: Tor project, and usually i2p, or Freenet.

I am reachable via Freenet by my freemail address: det@cfvwjvsyuz45rqjtmltrqtp6z7ps2c6gznho626iwighawba6dza.freemail
or as dinky's evil twin on Sone. I try to be available on the I2P IRC network as “det”
(hostname ek4xm2pa75veepvnnbv4h2onbnq3vd344onxh7c3cik4mg24p6ra.b32.i2p)
clearnet link about that IRC network.
I'm not really on any Tor IRC, but I could be, if it's really impossible for you to use java.

My stories are available over Tor, heavily in progress, subject to change. If you go exploring outside of html, I try to save massive spoilers to the spoilers/ directories. Oh also this contact form might work sometimes, for one way messages. (or tell me about a message system of your own, I could use to reply?) source code for that.

I try to insert my stories into Freenet, which is generally easier to do, and so more recent than... here. Going here if you have Freenet installed should give you a list of stories to pick from. StraightToBelle is here.

You can also find me on i2p where proxying HTTP over port 4444 (or SOCKS over port 7664 if you enable it in the hidden services manager) should make my eepsite available.


Coltawho · 7:24am Oct 6th, 2015

I still haven't settled on some silly smut story to take the place of Boy Stuff, in that tormented part of my brain that compulsively churns out exquisitely described porn of pony children. But my Coltaloo story currently in er... "testing" is getting kind of long, so I'll just start posting what I have here, instead of only on Freenet and other places. I think 12 chapters is enough evidence, to stop prevaricating on whether a story is

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Dinkysevittwin if you come here, then update the communication methods. Or check the work of the site in i2p.

RIP dear author

For your unknown, is pain upon the knowledge of us never knowing the end of your story...

Seems like it went down too.

Edit: Apparently it doesn’t wanna work unless I’m on Wi-Fi.

Pretty much all you have to do is select manual proxy, add the address as the HTTP proxy and write into the field “No proxy for” localhost, 127.0.01

You know what. Taking the time to actually transcribe the entire story of Coltaloo. Do you think he or the staff of the site would be OK if I posted it to my stories as long as I credit him as the writer?

I’m going to ask in the discord server.

Edit: They said no.

  • Viewing 53 - 57 of 57
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