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Before I decide to write more I want the opinion of people here. · 7:27pm Apr 23rd, 2015

OK I've never really been much of a writer. Fact is the only reason I tried to write this story was I felt compelled to. My grammar is horrible. I had a lot of help from two others on here to fix too many mistakes to count.

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Thanks for the watch, hon! :heart:

Hi. I posted a new story last June and told ya about it in a reply to you in my first story and was just wondering if ya read it and if ya did what your thoughts are on it.

I didn't see the reply. Also, I can't put two and two together right now.

That would be nightmare night and Nyx. But it was removed by the author reality check try googling reality check and the title is well you should be able to find it on another a fanfiction site

Well that's ok...I'm not that great with creative writing either...at least according to what people have told me that is...but I don't really care...I have fun writing this stuff and nothing is going to stop me...not even a million dislikes...and lots of angry letters...

Well, if you look at the stories I’ve written so far you’ll see just how bad I am at this creative writing stuff. My first story was edited for me by a couple of professionals as is stated in the author’s notes. It was a lot worse before they got they’re hands on it. So, you can compare that to my second story and see just how much help they had given me.

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