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Deus Foalt

Part-time foalcon enthusiast. I also enjoy editing stuff sometimes. I appreciate any support you can give me!

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  • 3 weeks

    Hi again. Sorry for being so radio-silent. We’ve still been banging away at treatments for me but success is limited and often short-lived. I’m deep enough in the trench to be unemployed and darn near unemployable period. I’m still fighting though. I’m slowly dragging myself off Valium, and switching to Cymbalta(/duloxetine, the generic) has caused upswings in my mood more than other meds have, even if also ultimately temporary. Since I have nothing but time, my writing brain has been

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  • 12 weeks

    Hi. It's me, Deus. Thanks for opening this blog. Those of you who even go so far as to read these initial sentences give me hope. Unfortunately, this is a sad blog. If you're not in the right mindset to read the words of a sad soul, now's the chance to avert your eyes and go elsewhere.

    Still here? Okay then. What I ask today is simple:

    Am I still relevant?

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  • 17 weeks
    Hiatus* Update

    A promising solution to my mental problems has revealed itself and held steady for three days so far. The joy of living is finally clear for me again. In short: fuck off depression, you were never welcome for any of the months I had you, and I hope you never come back.

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  • 29 weeks

    Hi folks. I figured I'd let you know I've officially placed my one multichapter story on hiatus as well as any Deus Foalt other writing I had. This comes with good and bad news. The good news is this is because my mental health is finally on the mend, and this is a step to help it along more. The bad news is...well, less fillies for you to enjoy since I'm avoiding writing for a while. I'm only a hobbyist writer in the end mind you (not even taking it in college!), and it's been a

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  • 35 weeks

    Heya folks! Thought I'd let you know my "extremely weird stuff" alt is now live. QC is a bit lower since a lot of these fics are written self-indulgently, so I've turned off ratings for the sole reason that I don't want what I don't consider my diamond-polished best to hit the feature box. Comments are still open for discussion and theoretical up/downvotes or not!

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Welcome to my page!

It's a bit messy, but it's my home. Scroll down for more content, or don't! The world's your oyster. :D

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Zippi looks like she's just been isekai'd from Stephen Universe, an Zew looks like she just got out the cum bath

I love your current avatar.

Do you take reqests

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My OC Fillies: Visual references.

Zippi and Zew, the two filly magicians who started the whole gang:

Paperclip, an eager courier filly who hopes to one day become a great mailpony in general:

Acorn Cap, a Filly Scout who, while inexperienced, knows her way around a few Scout things:

Cold Brew, a grumpy barista filly who also brews potions in her spare time:

Zavier, an outgoing nextdoor neighbor colt to Zippi and Zew:

More to come as they are created!


Yes, you can get commissions with them, or use them in art, literature, or otherwise. Just please check with me on themes before proceeding. There's very little I'll say no to them being involved with, but I'd prefer that those themes be avoided entirely.

Misc. Stuff

Or, "why I don't respond to everything/why I do this weird thing/random other facts".

Why I don't thank people for the fave/bookshelf/etc:
I only have so much time in the day, and I'm aware that it just takes a click to do any of this. That's not to say I don't appreciate those who take the time to make this click; I do, very much so! It's just that if I responded to every favorite or similar, I'd be running all over thanking what is a pedestrian action to some. Favorites mean different things to different people; some have thousands, some have maybe five. Just know that I do appreciate your interaction with my story, even if I don't outright say so.

How long have you been writing?
Roughly 10 years. I first came into the fandom in 2011 under a different name which I will never reveal for obvious reasons. All hobbyist, no formal training. I'm rough around the edges but raring to go.

Why are you called Deus Foalt?
I'll bring this up directly. My name is a pun on the phrase "Deus Vult", meaning "God wills it"; historically used in the crusade era as a rallying chant. I thought "hey, Vult kinda sounds Foal if you stretch it a bit". I was also big into Dark Souls videos at the time, and some meme videos used it as well, so I thought the phrase was innocent. Thus, my name. I solidified it around 2018, as you'll see from my joining date on here.

Turns out some white supremacist assholes took it and warped it to be their rallying cry as recently as 2017 being the furthest back I can pick that up. Let me be clear: FUCK those people. I am not dogwhistling to them, I was completely unaware of their presence of doing this when I made the name. Anyone who believes in race superiority, eugenics, or any of that stuff can kindly keep the fuck away from me at all times, and should they never wish to change those views, may they be given the punch to the face that they deserve one day. I prefer to stay politics-free on this site, as I use pony fiction to help others (and me) escape the world we live in for a time, but I can't be clear enough how disgusted I am by what the phrase came to be. My use of the base wording is a reclamation, NOT an endorsement. Please kindly unfollow me if this somehow disappoints you. To put it in even clearer terms: Nazi punks fuck off.

This will be updated as I do more, think of more stuff to add, and/or get some frequently-asked questions I need to answer and have convenient to copy/paste the answers to.

But until then, welcome to my little worlds! I hope you enjoy both the lewding and cuting (...that's even less of a verb that lewding, isn't it) of fillies and/or colts that I provide!