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Deus Foalt

Part-time foalcon enthusiast. I also enjoy editing stuff sometimes. I appreciate any support you can give me!

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  • 2 weeks

    Hey look, it's one of those blogs I'll probably be making every 100 followers! Just gonna pop in to say I can't appreciate y'all enough for enjoying my dumb horsewords. I've been really busy lately, but am still working to bring content when I can. I might be experimenting a bit with my next couple stories, so don't be surprised if you see a style shift. Still, thanks to all of you! I'll do my best to keep Doing The Thing™ as fast as I can! :heart:

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  • 7 weeks

    Hey guys! Just thought I'd poke those of you interested that my latest story is out, and it's a sequel to my first (and arguably most well-received) work, Donation Drive. :D

    More to come sooner or later! School is dumb but I'm adjusting slowly but surely.

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  • 16 weeks
    Small Update

    Hey everyone! I know I've been quiet and that one story went up without a lot of fanfare. I've uh...been a mix of busy and creatively struggling.

    Nonetheless, I'm still (kinda) writing. Next up on my plate is the long-awaited Donation Drive sequel and a story featuring my two main OCs, Zippi and Zew, the naughtiest fillies this side of town.

    School is going well; I have straight As, and it should end early-ish December, and then I'll have a few unrestricted weeks to write filly lewds.

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  • 27 weeks
    Behind the Scenes: A Hint of Peach

    Hello there, everyone! This story unfortunately marks the beginning of my slowdown as I enter the new college semester. That said, I thought I'd offer some insight on this little piece of work!

    Read More

    4 comments · 109 views
  • 27 weeks

    Hello all! Thought I'd give a few updates.

    - New story slated for a release this Saturday! I actually began this story a week ago, and challenged myself to finish it in two weeks. The SUPER rough draft is being finalized tonight, so I'd say I succeeded as long as editing goes smoothly! I will say that its release date is no coincidence, especially considering the subject matter and fillies involved...

    Read More

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My OC Fillies: Visual references.

Zippi and Zew, the two filly magicians who started the whole gang:

Paperclip, an eager courier filly who hopes to one day become a great mailpony in general:

More to come as they are created!


Yes, you can get commissions with them, or use them in art, literature, or otherwise. Just please check with me on themes before proceeding. There's very little I'll say no to them being involved with, but I'd prefer that those themes be avoided entirely.

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Just curious, but would you be willing to possibly take a request?

Comment posted by soultaker85 deleted Sep 23rd, 2020

That is all? No no, tell me more! :D


That is all.

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Misc. Stuff

Or, "why I don't respond to everything/why I do this weird thing/random other facts".

Why I don't thank people for the fave/bookshelf/etc: I only have so much time in the day, and I'm aware that it just takes a click to do any of this. That's not to say I don't appreciate those who take the time to make this click; I do, very much so! It's just that if I responded to every favorite or similar, I'd be running all over thanking what is a pedestrian action to some. Favorites mean different things to different people; some have thousands, some have maybe five. Just know that I do appreciate your interaction with my story, even if I don't outright say so.

Why are you called Deus Foalt? It's a corruption of Deus Vult; "God wills it". I'm not religious, and in fact first heard of this phrase in meme format. Someone pointed out that the way I corrupted it is, in a bastardized way, similar to saying "God of Foal(t)." This wasn't my original intent, but now that the possibility is in mind, I condone this interpretation as well. The name has little meaning other than being brought on by a night of watching too many meme videos, and this little bastardization. Guilty as charged. If you think it has anything to do with the less savory use of the phrase...you can fuck right out of here with that shit. I was Deus Vulting long before those fuckers took the phrase...I only started Deus Foalting recently.

This will be updated as I do more, think of more stuff to add, and/or get some frequently-asked questions I need to answer and have convenient to copy/paste the answers to.

But until then, welcome to my little worlds! I hope you enjoy both the lewding and cuting (...that's even less of a verb that lewding, isn't it) of fillies and/or colts that I provide!

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