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Disgraced. Dethroned. Unwanted by her own parents. These are just the few things that describe the former queen of the changelings. For Chrysalis, the only thing she can properly call herself is desperate, hungry, and lonely. Fortunately for her, she isn’t fully alone. Fortunately for her, she carries the unwanted offspring from a pony that sent her hurling across Equestria with a blinding light. Though she has nothing left to live for, she reluctantly chooses to raise the child once it’s born. The only question is, does she have enough strength to deliver it?

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I just...

This... Holy shit, man.

And... Based off of a true event...? Wow... My condolences to them...

~Skeeter The Lurker

Even if Chrysalis is cruel, she didn't deserve that... :raritydespair:
Sorry about your friend, man. :fluttercry:

Only 1400 words? Hell, you could have turned this into a whole full-fledged story! Ya know, show everyone a whole new side to Chrysalis?

3791763 You know, as good as this might have been as a long story with multiple chapters, I honestly think this is perfect the way it is now.

I...I don't know what to say. I guess no words need be said though. Just know that your friend has my sympathies.

As for Chrysalis, she was cut off telekinetically from the hive and knew she would never see anything of them again.

Should be "telepathically".
The introduction of Chrysalis' parents brings up questions of who is the next "Queen" and how Titty's changeling society works. This is also much different from what I have come to expect from Titty. I feel it was a little too short to carry much emotional impact. However, I can imagine that losing a child before it is even born would be devastating, despite not being a parent myself.

I'm so sorry to what happened to your friend.

I'm sorry that happened to your friend. :fluttercry:

Comment posted by ConEditor deleted Jan 15th, 2014

Same here

As an unrelated third party, your friend has my sympathies. That is quite an unfortunate circumstance.:pinkiesad2::fluttershysad::applecry:

So, this is heavy and dark.

And something similar happened for real, nicely done though

Emerald Shield out


And you, sir, can just fuck off.

She is a good friend of mine.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Poor Chrysalis, poor kid that'll never get the chance to grow up:fluttercry:


Seriously? :facehoof:

The point of apologizing for that is to express sympathy and compassion--something you obviously don't understand. Congratulations on making yourself look like an asshole.

My lord, I can only imagine the pain that your friend is going through right now. She has my thoughts and my sympathy. No mother deserves that. If there is anything I can do to help, unlikely that may be, let me know.

Have you no sympathy? Have you no compassion for a mother who has lost their child before it could even take its first breath?

"I'm sorry for" has many different connotations, including one synonymous to "You have my sympathy and my thoughts are with you as you deal with this tragic loss". It means that you care about what happened, and acknowledge that they are going through a tough time, and that your thoughts are with them. It's called "sympathy" and "compassion". Anyways, this is the connotation that we are using the phrase "I'm sorry" in currently. A proper invocation of Rule 945 would be if someone were like "That was a good fic" and you went "Oh, I'm sorry" in response, because that makes no sense and is unnecessary.

Get with the picture and please don't be an ass, and, in the words of my good friend LaBarata, "go eat a bag of dicks."

Good day.

3791937 Die in a car fire

Comment posted by La Barata deleted Jan 15th, 2014

Such a shame, TS. I hope you can be a good friend, and I pray that she recovers.


Enough, everyone!

We're here to support TS and her friend. Blow off Con -- we're not here to start fights. You've said your peaces, now no more. Don't let this turn into a trollthread or a flamewar.

Con, not another word unless it's a redaction or apology.


I had no intention of doing so.

Don't assume otherwise. Please.

~Skeeter The Lurker

waaaaaa!!! whyyyyyy!!!!:raritycry::raritycry:


It was mostly aimed at Barata and Eric, who both can really go off the deep end. I'm not implying that you're prone to flipping out, but I really would rather not see this comment section turn into another ordeal for TS.

You wound me. I wouldn't let it become such.

Umm, wow. I'm sorry for your friends loss.
Also can I say its been awhile since I've seen this type of work from you. It was, well it was good. I guess its hard to talk about it otherwise.

>>>She laid there, disheartened that she had been banished from her colony for failing her raid on the capital of Equestria, by her own parents no less.>>>

Uhm... she's the QUEEN of the changelings. Kinda implies there is no higher authority than her. You could have her subjects rebel if they're not a hive-mind controlled by her, but her parents tossing her out? That requires some establishment of legitimacy.

Also, how do ponies and changelings have kids? Seriously. How does that even work? To even pass a basic plausibility test, there has to be some explanation, even some BS plot-convenient 'magical genetic hybridization thing changeling queens possess' would be better than nothing.

And then stillbirth. :facehoof:

If this is based on a 'real' event, why on earth would you choose Chrysalis as the 'metaphor' for the real-life person? Did the real person attempt to invade a country and enslave the inhabitants?

Perhaps Fleur would have been a better choice, cheated on and tossed out by Fancypants, a prototypical 'used' trophy girlfriend left in the gutter. I have a hard time feeling pity for Chrysalis, given that everything is her own fault in the first place.

3792637 Wait wait, your problem is with the viability of a fucking shape shifter being able to carry the foal of a pony? What part of magic shape shifting G rated succubus don't you get?

3792655 Allow me to introduce you to a little thing called 'internal plausibility' in writing.

It'd be like an elephant impregnating a termite.

3792707 MAGIC SHAPESHIFTER. Her form is mutable and thus it is more than plausible that she could shift enough to carry a foal to term, and hell whats to say in story the still birth isn't due to comparability issues.

Sorry that happened to your friend:fluttercry:

Well, that was upsetting. :fluttershysad:

I'm sorry about your friend, I can only imagine how painful that might be. :applecry:

3792735 Changing shape does not change chemical constitution. You are confusing transformation with transfiguration.

If it did, that would require far more energy. And we see in the show that when Twilight uses actual TRANSFIGURATION rather than merely TRANSFORMATIONAL magic, it's far more difficult and exhausting.

The transformations are transitory and can wear off, as the changelings lose their disguises when knocked out, proving it is merely a 'skin-deep' change. Were they actually altering their internal composition, knocking them out would do nothing. They would still retain pony form.

I love how you literally just posted this (moreless) and its already frontpage. :trollestia:

and then i read it and see the sadness. the feels. ;3;

Idc what anybody says, weather your good, evil, or mild... no mother should ever have to deal with the loss of their child. My condolences to your friend TS.

Touching story btw

Comment posted by JEFFERY8U deleted Jan 16th, 2014

Damn..... I hope your friend recovers form the loss..

Dude come on. Not cool. I don't see you bitching on all the other stories in which Chrysalis is impregnated by Shining Armor, yet here you are, on an actually serious fic, acting all high and mighty because "oh there's no reason for it." Honestly, the author may have chosen to use Chrysalis for reasons unknown to you. Also the author might have a headcanon explaining why there is a higher authority. Then you, for some reason, decide to bitch because she incorporated the stillbirth into it. Seriously?

Okay look dude, it's one thing to have a criticizing opinion that's different from most others, but you presented this in about the most assholish manner you could have. If you have such a problem with the fic, just leave it alone. It's obvious that the subject of the fic is touchy given the fact it's based off a friend's real life experience. There's people who could use your criticism more than TittySprinkles, and you really need to work on your tone, as your criticism here was just disrespectful, not constructive.

3794172 I generally don't read most stories where Chrysalis and Shining have a mutant spawn, unless it's a comedy where I don't have to foster the pretense of taking it seriously.

This was good but that ending.........

...I need to go now.

nigga, you just tried to justify your argument with 'proof' from twilights in depth explanation of magic.

bosik1 #44 · Jan 16th, 2014 · · 18 ·

Shame that so many mothers kill their children before they can actually be born.

Okay, and why do you care about this one?

Just stop shit posting.
I'm not trying to be a dick, but seriously just stop.

Stories like this... I can't watch the "Married Life" scenes from the movie "Up" anymore either... :fluttercry:

My condolences to you and your friend.

Your take on changeling society seems a bit peculiar here. You refer to it as a 'hive', which is par for course considering how many other writers do the same thing, but here you mentioned she has parents, meaning a Queen AND King, which comes off as a divergence of the standard eusocial bug concept that's used. So could I assume then this goes in the often accepted route of where the society is called a hive but changelings reproduce amongst themselves (they have their own families)?

Regarding the story itself, true, the concept of Chrysalis being banished from her people has been one that has been done before, this does come off as quite the sad story, especially as the situation in the latter half is one that tragically happens to a lot of women, and as you say this is based off a real event, I send my sincerest condolences.

3797736 Watch yourself! Offering reasonable arguments in these comments will get you labelled a hater! :trollestia:

wow i didn't expect this to make me feel as i did. i was kinda hoping that her child was going to be ok... damn you . it had to be sad... damn it all ... i loved it. .... :fluttercry:

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