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Just a man who enjoys the show (especially Derpy and Dinky) that also has a thing for writing sad/feelgood stories, usually about baby ponies.


I'mmmmm Baaaaaccckkkk!!!! · 5:35am Nov 17th, 2015

After all this time I totally forgot about my work on this site. Already wrote a new one shot (waiting for approval) and plan to finish my other 3 incomplete stories. With plans for more writing after that as well!

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love your Stories:heart:


Thanks!!! Because of which story?

I'm following you :pinkiecrazy:

Hey! Thanks for the favorite! :yay: You wouldn't mind voting it up if you liked it, would you? :scootangel: *bighug*

Definitely let me know your thoughts! I love feedback! :heart:

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