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From the Canterlot secret files

Name: Court Jester
Race: Unicorn
Occupation: Lawyer
Cutie Mark: A comedy mask in front of the scales of justice
Skills and Abilities: Knowledge of the legal system, deductive skills,
Distinguishing Characteristics: Often seen wearing a white suit, black waist coat, blue shirt and a red tie.

Name: Gamelord (True Alias unknown)
Race: Unknown (Apparently a Unicorn. Rumoured to be Draconequus)
Occupation: Mercenary/Assassin/Bounty hunter
Cutie Mark: Unknown
Skills and Abilities: Peak of physical condition, weapons expert, master assassin, proficient hoof-to-hoof combatanant, expert tactician.
Distinguishing Characteristics: Wears a hat(Fedora), sunglasses, black jacket, red and black striped shirt and a darkish blue bodysuit.


Happy fifth anniversary and... What the hell just happened!? · 8:02pm Oct 10th, 2015

... Wow... I... I did not see that coming just... wow... Good episode.

And it's MLP fifth anniversary... Hold on...

*Walks aways*


*Walks back*

... Cool. Later guys!

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