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A group for authors who tend to break the fourth wall in their stories.

It may be through pinkie pie, doing crossover stories using characters from other media who can break the fourth wall, making a character who breaks the fourth wall in the stories their in or in any way you can imagine.

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Pinkie Pie knows no physics.

I just love to see Pinkie Pie, she seems to be the Expert at breaking this wall.

Since you mentioned it, I did have Luna break it in a story about a long forgotten library.

From a brief glance at the local library, I may need to ask for a folder or several. Firstly for Luna/NightMare.

Does all Cross-Overs count as FourthWall breakage here?

An example of my 4th wall-shattering prowess:

A Tale of Novaura: Core War II

WARNING: This pretty much predates my time on Fimfiction, so most of it is not my best.

SUPER WARNING: Does not contain ponies!!!!

343834 how the hell could you not know what it is?

343829 The fourth wall is the imaginary "wall" at the front of the stage in a traditional three-walled box set in a proscenium theatre, through which the audience sees the action in the world of the play.
The presence of the fourth wall is an established convention of modern realistic theatre, which has led some artists to draw direct attention to it for dramatic or comedic effect when a boundary is "broken", for example by an actor onstage speaking to the audience directly. It is common in children's theatre where, for example, a character might ask the children for help.

Does that answer it?

what exactly is the fourth wall?


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