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This group is a remastered version of the old and inactive first group of SAO. This group is for fans, authors, and readers of the anime. It will feature stories, competitions, and a new idea: Guilds. A thread for Guilds will be posted, but for now this blog post will explain the workings of the group.

Come join us in our chatroom


-Do not post spoilers for the series in comments, threads, or any other things on this group. This is what thread discussions are for.
-Do not post threads until you have permission from one of the admin.
-No crazy guild names. Names like: STD 'Sniper Team Delta' are not allowed. Names like: The Forgers are allowed.
-Also, no guild names from the show. Ex: The Laughing Coffin, The Sleeping Knights, Knights of the Blood Oath.


Co-Manager-Soto Konoha

Guild Manager- Terein

Advicees-PrinceSS Charming and MidnightChaos

If you feel you could do a better job at one of the positions. You can challenge the said position. A thread will be posted with questions about SAO and both must answer without help from the internet, other members, and anything else. Whoever has the most amount correct will either keep or take the position. Challenges are only allowed to be issued to one postion every month.

Banner and icon help made by Terein.

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Iḿ dressing up as asuna for a haloween party in a few hours. I am proud of myself.


Comment posted by Golden Fang Ryu Shenron deleted March 12th

Anyone wanna do a colab for one of these

So, if I wanted to add a story here, where would I add it?

hellos. just watched the whole season on Netflix yesterday so I'm still absorbing the infos, but I looked and was glad to see ponies have found this as well.

392008 Ok, thanks anyway. Maybe some pony else will know.


I'm not a hundred percent sure, but I expect it to happen after the dub is completed.

Anypony know when season 2 will be on Netflix in English?

386549 Made my request to join a guild. Don't know how much I'd be able to participate in competitions, but I look forward to hopefully having a more active place to interact with other SAO fans and the other authors of the most popular SAO crossover stories. It's a pleasure to see my ESO submitted here already.


This post will explain. And if you're thinking of writing a story for the anime then you could join the competition if you want.


Well I do have plans for this as it's a multi-functional group. I knew there's wasn't going to be a flow of SAO related stories, so this is why I'll be doing competitions. And if you or anyone else wants to do something to have something interesting then you can make a guild and eventually host competitions. Or start threads for discussions. I want this group to be a little more interactive since there's so little stories out. And it's going well so far.

Would you look at that. This group has more members then the old SAO group.


Vinyl_Melody! My plane got shot down by plasma mortars! call the medic!


Glad I could be of service.

Congratulations! Due to its freshness, this group earned itself a spot in New Groups.


This place should let you watch the next season and more of the series.

386286 Oh thank god. that show gave me the feels.

As far as I'm aware, there isn't an English dub yet, but you may be interested to know about Sword Art Online II. :eeyup:

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