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thehalfelf, otherwise known as The Black Wizard, is a strange, humanized cactus whose only intention is to 1) play all of the video games and B) ship all the ponies

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New Thing Incoming · 3:07am June 8th

In traditional fashion, it's been awhile since I've had anything worth sharing, and I'll be honest, it isn't much. We're slowly working through Filly Friends, my next major project, but it's quite a doozy, and has been going through major revisions.

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1242644 Okay. I'll try to make it to that one.

It's NBD, I'm probably going to stream something by myself tomorrow.

Once again, happy birthday.

And I'm sorry that I missed the stream. Simply put, stuff happened and I wasn't able to make it. I'm really sorry.

Happy birthday, Elfy! :pinkiehappy:

which would have worked better if my internet hadn't been broken.

  • Viewing 116 - 120 of 120
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