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I'm Such A Tease

I'm bored and I just thought of all the stories I'm gonna write eventually. So to help myself keep track of them (and to just tease you ponies), I'm going to make a list of the stories I'll be writing. Now, here's the evil part. I'm just going to list titles, but not pairings :trollestia:
Note: This list will only comprise of major projects, not random one-shots and I'll add stories if I think of them. Have a lovely day/night/evening.

A Chance At Redemption

No Regrets

Identity Crisis

Truly Daring

An Unlikely Encounter

The Professor and The Maid

Crazy, but Not Quite Insane

Pet for the Princess

Sisters in Love

I Believe You

Losing Myself

Falling for My Teacher

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Thanks for the favorite on A Poison Most Intimate. What made you like it?

And that is a lot of stories you want to write. :twilightoops:


Thanks for the fav on "Could an Apple reach the Stars?" :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for the fave on Separation.

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Casual Hello · 1:14am Feb 20th, 2018

So...how're ya doing? Did you do something to your hair? Gotta say, I think it looks good. Me? Oh, you know. Not too bad, can't complain. So...it's uh....been awhile. Like...a few years awhile. Too long to be honest, much too long. I've missed out on so many good stories and updates to stories I've already started. (Seriously, I had like...80 notifications for stories that had updates). But that's not why I'm here. I'm here to clear some things up as to why I disappeared and why it's only now

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