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Nothing at All · 3:28am May 9th, 2014

Hello again, everyone. So if you can tell, I uh... kinda lied in the last blog apparently. I never ended up writing anything. I started and did a few things here and there, but I never actually continued with anything. It is a bit difficult now with the fact that I have work, got my first apartment with my girlfriend, looking for a car as often as I can, and just generally doing downright nothing sometimes. I know it has been a while since I have actually done something. And it will probably be

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Thanks for faving Mutant!

Hmm. As compaired to me, the only differences would be you stoped writing and have had more success than me. But, whatever. I'm going to have to read them there stories ya got. They look good.
Mulaag ahrk zin, zeymah.
(Strength and honor, brother.)

228071 No prob.....

As I said, with your kind comments. It deserved the personal touch!


Its not a problem, I didnt really comment to you and expect a reply. A lot of authors usually dont, though I know its not them being rude.
As for a story from me...I'm not sure if I'll actually complete it. It has a good idea, in my opinion, but it isnt easy for me to put my thoughts into writing, and I only have the prologue and maybe a little more than half of chapter one.
Also sorry for the long reply, its just your one of my two favorite authors on the site.

Sorry I have not commented sooner, I want to thank you for your kind comments to my stories. Can't wait to see yours.

I did note from your favorites that you like the romances. A Brony after my own heart. I hope my next couple will not disappoint.


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