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Twilight Sparkle has, she is convinced, fallen under the effects of some bizarre hex. Why else would she be so captivated by a certain chartreuse lyre-player? Why else would her cheeks burn up every time she talks to Lyra Heartstrings? It must be some sort of magic. Right?

... Right?

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I'm going to preface this that mostly, I only read shipfics that contain clop, because... Well, clop. Sometimes, though, a story grabs my eye and I have to see if it's any good. This was one of them.

It delivered.

And it’s so super nice causeno-oneeverwritesthispairing, whatshouldwecallit, LyTwi, Twyra?

Also pretty much this. What do you call that pairing, why does nobody ever write this pairing, and why is this as good as it is?

Anyways, gonna keep an eye on this. It'll be... Interesting, I hope.


Thank you for all the praise. You're making me blush! :twilightblush: And I dunno. It does seem natural, doesn't it? They're both odd, neurotic unicorns who presumably attended the same school, so you'd think they'd be paired up more.


I'm sure I've heard a dubstep remix of this song before. The original is awesome. :derpyderp2:


1307815 Now when you mention it, it sure is under-appreciated ship.:unsuresweetie:
1307818 Probably this one.:trollestia:

First time I've seen this pairing.

Now I'll admit, I was skeptical at best when I saw this in the new stories, but so far I like it. I'll keep watch on it for now and see how it goes.

Good Good Good. :pinkiehappy: please keep it relatively clean though Pleeeaaasse. I love this shipping and want to keep enjoying it. But of course its your story and you can do what you want. Just i hope it stays relatively clean so i can continue to enjoy it as you update. :twilightsmile:


Sure thing. Cholera is a general exclamation of aggravation or dismay in Polish along the lines of 'dammit' or 'bloody hell'. That bit towards the end translates to 'I don't know why I put up with you...' :trollestia:

Appreciated. I know exactly zero Polish, so I didn't even know what kind of translator I'd need to run it through :derpyderp1:


I generally find Google Translate to be relatively reliable.

Damn it! I wanted this to be my thing! [link]

Hehe. I'll read this later. You've got my attention. :rainbowwild:


Non-overlapping magisteria, my friend! :moustache:

Dig the art, by the way.

OK, you have peaked my interest, and I'm looking for some more!! :yay:

whatshouldwecallit, LyTwi, Twyra? Oh, I’m so excited!

Pinkie, are you reading my thoughts? :rainbowderp:


Thanks so much :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: . I just know this is going to be awesome !!!!!

i was going to wait until i finished both chapters to upvote, fav, and track. but then this happened:

Pinkie smiled beatifically. “A rock farm, silly!”

had to make a point of scrolling back up and mashing as many things to offer my approval as i could find.
now that i have finished reading it i would like to say that i love it. i eagerly look forward to more from this:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Thanks everybrony! Thrilled that this has gotten much attention. I think I'll have a new chapter finished by tomorrow. :ajsmug:

Hmmm.. a unique paring. Will track.

really enjoying the story so far, can't wait for an update!

You should make alternate parts with clop. For all the cloppers out there, I doubt this is one seen very often.:rainbowderp:

Lyra without "hands" nor "human"? Instant fav!
And fact that Lyra is best unicorn after Twi only helps, Twyra was meant to happen.

Hehe I think our dear doctor just broke our little Twilight's mind :rainbowlaugh: and Bon Bon's playing dirty. This is already getting better!! :pinkiehappy:

Can't wait what there is going to be next! :raritystarry:


I *could* post more...

... or I could make this story languish in update limbo for months and torment you all. :trollestia:

You're lucky I'm so nice!


I approve of these references. I also find it mildly disheartening that I know the episode, scene, and context of the Doctor Who .gif. This is one of those moments where the scale of my nerdiness truly dawns on me.

Pinkie smiled brightly, resting a reassuring foreleg over the unicorn’s withers. “Don’t you worry, Rarity! I’ve been to the last chapter, so you can trust me that it turns out all right for everypony!” Giggling at Rarity’s puzzled expression, she began to trot away, all the decorations they’d planned for all in place.

Stopping, Pinkie called back, “Oh! Speaking of the party… Don’t forget to pucker up!” The earth pony winked cryptically and left, leaving a bewildered Rarity behind.

Alright, now this I have a problem with.


A great disturbance in the 4th Wall.

I don't mind Pinkie breaking the 4th wall, it's what she does. I just think you went a little overboard here.


Perhaps. I'm still rather new at this, and Pinkie's kinda mystifying to me. :pinkiecrazy:

Its cool. The only part that really bothered me was the spoiler.


It's not a spoiler if the author does it! It's just shitty foreshadowing! ;D

Will set up for reading, and it's nice to see another author that has taken up this pairing.:rainbowkiss:


Same to you, friend! I think I read yours once.

I approve of this. (Somehow, I manage to read the third chapter before the second...) Favorited!

Also, I think I skipped over that part of Lyra being at the School for Gifted Unicorns, but it's too late for me to backtrack :twilightsheepish:

I'll do advertisment for you,btw, just so more people read this :3


That'd be lovely. Publicity is always a welcome sight for an author. :raritywink:


I approve of your nerdiness. Also Tenant is best pony.

Anyways, good chapter. Brought a smile to my face, which is a hard task in and of itself.


I had as much fun writing it as you did reading it. I was sitting in a lounge at the school I attend, snortling like a big dork as I wrote the Bon-Bon scene. :rainbowlaugh:

And that's why I am more worried about Bon-Bon after last chapter, than over our love birds. Or rather that it turns out all right for everypony.
Rarity need to make plan for that too.

just read through all three chapters... this is probably one of my favorite stories ive read. it flows amazingly well and i just love... well all of it.

on a side note i think you are spot on with pinkie pie. i cant begin to describe it. (i tried for about 2 minutes but gave up.)

just wow

you are very welcome. Your story was super awsome sause :derpytongue2:

AHHHH!!! YES NEW CHAPTER!!!:pinkiehappy:

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