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On a normal weekend, Cheerilee assigns everypony an assignment from a unit she has been using for years. She considers it to be the most important one of the year; to teach the fillies and colts about the differences between ponies, and how they can all work together to do more than they could on their own. Unfortunately, a confused trip to the library by three fillies raises questions the teacher can't answer.

In an effort to make sure she teaches everything she can to the best of her ability, Cheerilee enlists the aid of Twilight Sparkle to help rewrite the textbook she has been using for years. As the days tick by, however, she is forced to deal with something she thought she had a handle on a long time ago.

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Because, while the actual story won the contest and all that shit, I didn't like it personally. It had enough problems compared to what I write now that I wished to redo it. I also wanted the chance to correct mistakes with the story itself, and possibly aid in writing the sequel when I get around to that.


"But Alex, you promised us an angry rant we could use to make fun of you later. You tease." Yeah, I know I did, but like I said I'm not as angry as I once was. When i found out, I was royally pissed, but Cloudy sat down and, despite hating being able to say it, I could make this episode work to my advantage in a couple future fics. But other than those, I will NEVER use this episode as canon. I don't care if I have to put the AU tag on every single goddamn thing I ever write. It isn't happening.

This story is NOT one of those with Twilicorn ideas. The sequel...... We'll blow that bridge up when we get to it.

Are ya gonna add the alicorn thing or just sticking with the original?

Read the comment above yours. Save me some trouble.

So, areyareyaareyahuhuhuh?:pinkiesmile:


It would be interesting though!

Fuck off Cloudy.
Scool, I should have put it in the author's note. it's there now, but at any rate, enjoy the rewrite!

i finally found the time to read this. and i love it. it's much better and i can actually see it shaping out to be something magnificent if you continue on the same note. i would love to give some criticizing to it, but there are nothing that can be classified as actual issues unless i want to be really nit-picky. (that is a word, right?)

Yeah, it is on this site, seeing as I have a nitpicker, and Firefox doesn't underline it so... Glad we finally agree on something, it seems all we do is argue.

2137353 i beg to disagree, we both agree that the earlier version of this story needed a rewrite.

Edit: i just realised how much fun i could get out of this sote by starting to insist that i agree with everything, yet still arguing the opposite.

*flips a table*
One of these days... you'll get yours...

*stares* This comment section... Uh, anyway. I was gonna read this yesterday, good thing I didn't. I probably would have gotten halfway through it and then it would have all been erased from the rewrite. I like how it's going so far. Can't compare it to the original, but from what I can tell it seems to be a good story.

What's wrong with our comment section? I find it quite entertaining.

2137998 It's like stumbling into a forum whose languages and memes you don't understand yet. It's kinda scary. :fluttershyouch:

Well, let's try to cleat this up, in case you decide to read one of my other seven stories. Obviously the beginning is easy, its Alicorn Twilight stuff. In the middle of that is my good friend Cloudy trying to troll me, which doesn't work because I am invincible, I cannot be vinced. So I told him to fuck off. I argue with necro rogue a lot, and for once, we agreed on something.
Anything else?

2137739 i am looking forward to that day, who does not want free tables?

You..... just.... ok. Go away and read something else. I'd really like your opinion on In Pieces and When Good Sisters Go to War.

2138078 but..but... Dont you give up on me. If you give up, who shall receive all these outsmarts? I really hope cloudy can write a new blog about just right now.......

And will do. After i've finished the latest chapters of CotW and the winningverse.

So, how about that Twilicorn? :trollestia:

Sorry, couldn't resist.

I must say, I am enjoying the rewrite quite a bit more than the original. Great job!

2138122 I get the feeling that you disagree with me on purpose...:trixieshiftleft:

2147631 i dont see why you would think that? I never disagree with you.

I like it, I really do like it. It really has the potential to get into my "really good cheerliee stories" (yes I have that list and yes, cheerliee stories are awesome).
Your characterization of the CMC is miles ahead of your old one. they do actually seem like foals now and are not just all over the place. the story also seems to be progressing with a better flow overall.

And what would i have changed? I would have Cheerliee and Twilight not write the book, simple as that. Having a full time schoolteacher and the personal student of the princess write a book makes no sense at all to begin with. I sadly do not have any much better suggestions at the moment, but you really should try to not go down the same path again.

And now I sit, waiting for more.

So, er, I went to track this story and get e-mail updates... and now it says that there are 10 unread chapters...

There are no unread chapters...

Well, there were at one point in time. I took down the chapters that were there to put up the rewrite...

2213458 Well apparently FIMfiction thinks they're still there.

Sorry. :unsuresweetie: You could hit "mark all as read" I'd just make sure there are none you haven't actually read first.

2214007 Oh I did. Just figured I'd let'cha know about it. Wasn't sure if something went all screwy.

Screwy? On the internet? You've got to be joking.

Wow... I just saw this... Awkward.

Anyway, they are going to write it. It is the premise of the whole story. And who better to write a textbook than a teacher who will use it, and one of the smartest unicorns in Equestria?

2298972 there are people who have it as a job to make school books.

Shhhhhh... Willing Suspension of Disbelief. Learn it, live it, love it. That's what's going to happen, so sorry if you're disappointed.

2301881 i know what that is and it is pretty much necessary to read the not so good stories on this site. however, i did not mean it as real criticism and it is not a problem, it is merely an answer to a question you asked.

Why one chapter in three weeks? Three chapters in one week is way more efficent.

Yeah, other fics and school projects kind of got in the way...
Technically, I do a chapter a week, just not for this story.

Enjoying the rewrite so far! One thing of note, though, is Twilight never told Celestia the name of the book in her letter. :twilightsheepish:

It got lost in editing....

2315381 that is still not three chapters a week which would still be three times as effective.

And would also cause me to lose my mind.

2317688 that is a necesarry sacrifice.

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