• Published 16th Nov 2012
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In Search of Knowledge - thehalfelf

Twilight and Cheerilee re-write an old textbook, and Cheerilee struggles with something she thought would never be a problem

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In Search of a Book

In Search of a Book

Cheerilee yawned, once again catching herself before she dozed off and banged her head against the hard wood of her desk. It was late, a little after six or so, but Cheerilee felt she had been grading papers for years. They were starting one of her favorite units next week, the unit she felt that most students really learned of their true potential. It was also the one with the least amount of homework to grade, at least, until the very end.

She looked back down at the writing scrawled across the sheet before her. Heaving a massive sigh, Cheerilee finally gave up, resolving to bring what was left home and continue it there, though that option appealed to her even less. She pulled back from her desk, rubbing her hooves across her face before reaching into a drawer, pulling out a book.

It wasn’t uncommon for her to read during work, while the foals were eating lunch, or outside playing. It also helped her relax when she had to stay after until the long hours of the night grading papers she had put off for a week. She flipped open to the bookmark, but before she could get more than a couple words in, she heard a small knock on the door.

Who would be coming here at this hour? Cheerilee wondered to herself. None of the foals left any of their things here, I checked after they left like I always do. I don’t have any meetings scheduled with any of the parents... Cheerilee continued to ponder as she slipped the bookmark back in the book, making sure to stow it back in the drawer before rising and walking over to the door.

“Hello?” she asked, opening the door to reveal the small white filly beyond. “Sweetie Belle? What are you doing here this late? Shouldn’t you be at home?”

Sweetie Belle smiled up at her teacher. “Hi Miss Cheerilee! I was at home, but I sat down to do that reading you wanted us to do because Rarity says it’s not a good idea to put everything off until the last minute, and I didn’t have my book. So Rarity told me to come here and get my book so I can do my homework and not have to worry about it for the rest of the weekend.”

Cheerilee blinked her eyes. She was already tired from dealing with the overexcited foals that she spent all day working with, and staring at papers for hours only made it worse. “Well, do you know where it is?”

Sweetie Belle nodded. “Mmhm, it’s over in my desk.”

“Well go get it then,” Cheerilee replied, stepping aside to allow the filly access.

The little white ball of fur whizzed into the room, quickly grabbing her book and rushing back again. She paused for a moment next to her teacher to say, “Thanks Miss Cheerilee, see you on Monday!” Having said a proper goodbye, Sweetie Belle took off into the half-lit streets towards home.

Cheerilee gazed longingly out the door, off in the direction of her home. Heaving a massive sigh, she walked back towards the desk. Dragging her saddlebags out from under the desk, she pulled her book back from its hiding place. and put it into the left bag. With only a little hesitation, the leftover papers were deposited in the right.

Making sure everything was locked up and all the lights were off, Cheerilee walked out of the schoolhouse, closing and locking the door behind her. With a cheerful tune humming through her throat, Cheerilee set off back towards her small house, just a few blocks away.

Not even ten minutes later the fuschia mare opened the old, creaky door to her home and stepped inside. She closed the door, using her already extended hoof to whack the lights at the same time, bathing the room in a soft golden glow. She tossed her saddlebag into a worn red chair after extracting her book, and settled down onto her favorite spot on the couch to read.

Shadow looked down at the stallion, adoration in her eyes. She slowly moved in, making to kiss the stallion laid out below her. He started to lean up and meet her, but she put a hoof on his chest, holding him back. He could easily have overpowered her, but she knew he wouldn’t. She moved down until their lips were almost touching.

“Is this what you want?” she asked in the sultriest voice she could make, her breath dancing across his lips.

He nodded, not aware enough to form words.

She leaned forward the extra hair’s breadth. Their lips connected, and their worlds exploded in bliss.

As Shadow drifted off in the loving embrace of her stallion, head still lost in the haze of passion, she could swear she saw Buttercreme’s sad face as she walked out the door.

The End

Cheerilee blinked. Now wait a minute, I’m pretty sure this book has more pages than this! Angry at being cheated out of her reading material, Cheerilee quickly turned the page. Not two pages later, the words started again, revealing nothing but a preview for the next book. Preview, humph. More like the author cheating me out of another day of reading.

She sighed, casually tossing the cheap paperback down onto a table nearby. This meant that she would have to find time to go to the store tomorrow, and try and pick up the next book, though she really couldn’t afford it. Being a teacher may have been her dream, and the only job she ever wanted, but that didn’t mean it paid for everything she wanted.

Could always go to the library, but that would mean talking to... Cheerilee felt her cheeks warm up involuntarily. Yeah, that’ll go well. I never have problems when I go to the library... Various memories of her stumbling over words, and books, pushed to the front of her mind.

Still though, I can’t afford to keep going out and buying books all the time... unless I want to stop eating, and I would take a nice daisy sandwich over a cheap paperback any day. Cheerilee bit her lip. Well, it’s not too late... I have nothing else to do... Bolstered by her purpose, and ignoring the shaking in her knees, Cheerilee walked from her home, pointed towards the center of town and the Golden Oaks Library.


Twilight Sparkle stood with her back to the door. The room was bathed in the dying light of the sun, but more so with a soft purple light coming off the numerous books whizzing through the room like angry bees. Her eyes were closed, lost in the sensations of the books, and the concentration needed to keep them from running into one another, and into Spike.

“Twilight! Look out!” the small purple dragon cried as he ducked under one massive tome as it flew by a little too close for comfort. Assured that his life was, for the moment, no longer in danger, he turned back to the massive checklist held in his small claws.

“Ok, that’s the Filly’s Beginning Guide to Floral Nourishment, that is the Atlas of Equestria and the Lands Beyond. Right there is the... no, left Twilight. Better,” Spike remarked, crossing The Complete Guide to Metaphysical Magicks off the list.

Minutes passed in the same, unbroken manner, until Twilight eventually ran out of books. Thankfully, at the same time Spike ran out of titles to cross off his mountain of parchment that now littered the floor. “Ok Twilight, I think that does it,” he said, rolling up the loose streams of paper until it resembled something not unlike a small cart wheel.

“Another successful reshelving day,” Twilight said, walking on unsteady hooves to give her number one assistant a nuzzle before all-but collapsing on a nearby couch.

“Yeah, I guess, but didn’t we just do that like, a week ago?” asked a very tired dragon with a sore writing claw.

“Yes, we did, but I misplaced my copy of Intermediary Astronomy and its Practical Applications, remember?” The unicorn looked over the newly reshelved books, occasionally swapping the locations of a couple so they matched with the intricate scheme only she had any real understanding of.

“Uh-huh,” Spike muttered, plopping himself down on a chair and pulling a comic book from somewhere nearby.

“Spike!” Twilight exclaimed, gently pulling the colorful paper from Spike’s grasp. “We just reshelved, why are you messing with it?”

“But Twilight,” Spike whined, “it’s not even in the lists yet, it just came out! I was just going to read it real quick then give it back...”

“Spike, why would you do that?! I just made a catalogue of the library books, and now you ruined it!” Twilight quickly began pulling books from the relevant shelves. “Come on, we have to get it all fixed.”

Spike opened his mouth, but was cut off by a knock at the door. He took a quick glance at the already stressed lavender unicorn, whose eye had started twitching.

“Public... library...” she growled, not quite loud enough to be heard through the thick door to the outside world. A little louder she said, “come on in!”

Cheerilee slowly nosed the door open, and stuck her head in. “Sorry to bother you so late, is the library still open?”

“Hi Cheerilee. It’s no bother at all. Besides, we don’t close for another half hour,” Twilight said, glancing at a clock. “Can I help you find--” Before she could finish her thought, a resounding crash echoed down from her loft-room in the leaves of the tree. “Uh, on second thought, look around for a moment, I have to go check that out.” Without a single backwards glance, she galloped up the stairs.

Cheerilee was unable to hold back a sigh, causing Spike to look over at her worriedly. “Um, Miss Cheerilee, are you ok?”

The fuschia pony shook her head. “Yeah, I’m fine, I’m fine. Just going to, uh, take a look around. Yeah...” Glad her natural color hid her slight blush, Cheerilee turned and began scrutinizing the books around her without even really looking at them.

Smooth, Cheerilee thought to herself as her eyes slid over the spines of the numerous books before her. I bet he didn’t notice a single thing. Now all I have to do is track down the book, check it out, and pray that I don’t come completely undone. Just imagine if it got back to Princess Celestia... Cheerilee suppressed a shudder.

A short while later, Twilight walked back down the stairs, mane disheveled and peppered randomly with feathers. Cheerilee laughed as Twilight shook her head, causing a couple of her mane’s occupants to flutter slowly to the ground.

“What’s so funny,” the librarian asked, moving so she was standing next to Cheerilee.

“You... you’ve got something in your mane, Twilight,” Cheerilee said with a smile before turning back to the bookshelf.

“Huh?” Twilight pulled at the end of her mane with a strand of magic. Spying a feather, she laughed. “Oh, Owlowiscious got caught in the middle of one of my experiments the other day and has been molting like crazy ever since. I think I may take him to see Fluttershy if he doesn’t get better soon...”

Cheerilee racked her mind, trying to remember the one called Fluttershy. “Um, she’s the yellow pegasus right? The one with the animals, and who trained the birds for the Summer Sun Celebration last year?”

Twilight nodded, beaming at the other pony--causing a flock of butterflies to try their best to batter a way out of her stomach. “So, can I help you find something?” Twilight asked

“Oh, I, uh... I started reading this series a little while ago, and--”

Twilight’s ears perked up. “Which series? I’ve been meaning to go through some of the ones we have here in the library.”

Cheerilee mumbled something, inexplicably embarrassed about a reading habit she was positive was probably common among lonely mares.

“What was that?” Twilight asked. “I couldn’t hear you.”

“Um, it was--is, I mean is... Her Secret Desire...” Cheerilee said, blushing hard enough that it almost showed.

Twilight cringed and stuck out her tongue, causing Cheerilee to whimper. “Oh, sorry,” the librarian quickly said, hearing the noise, “I didn’t mean to offend you, I’ve heard it’s really really good. I just don’t like sappy romance stories like that.”

Whew, close one, Cheerilee thought to herself. Probably a good thing she hasn’t read them. That could have been a lot worse. “So, um, do you have the second book in the library...?” Cheerilee asked, hating the hopeful sound in her voice.

“Yeah, I think so. Let me check real fast,” Twilight replied, already turning around to walk right over to the shelf that held the romance novels. “Hmmm. We just reshelved today, and I’m pretty sure we checked it off the list,” Spike grunted an affirmative from his seat nearby, “so it should be right...” Twilight pulled a book off the shelf, “here.”

The librarian walked back over to her friend, levitating the book into her saddlebag. “There you go,” Twilight said, “enjoy.”

“Thanks Twilight,” Cheerilee replied with a smile. “When do you want it back?”

“Well, the standard return date is two weeks, but if you need longer, just come tell me. To be honest, not many ponies actually come in here,” Twilight said with a bit of a frown.

“Hmmm, well, I’ll just have to stop by more often then,” Cheerilee replied, to a smile from the purple unicorn which set the butterflies in her stomach into a tizzy. “But, right now I should probably be getting back home, after all,” she motioned to her saddlebags, the one with the book, “I have a book to read.”

Twilight laughed. “Alright, come back any time.”

Cheerilee walked over to the door, opening it and walking outside before turning back around. “Have a good weekend, Twilight,” Oh, and by the way, we should totally go out sometime. Oh, and please tell Princess Celestia not to incinerate me for hitting on you. That’d be nice.

“You too, Cheerilee.” The last thing the schoolteacher saw before closing the door was Twilight smiling at her. The door eventually closed, shocking the earth pony from her thoughts. Cheerilee sighed, tossing a glance to her saddlebags to make sure they were closed before turning and heading off into the darkening streets towards home.

Author's Note:

To old readers: Welcome back, I hope that you enjoy the rewrite more than the original
To new readers: Howdy, you didn't miss much in the original, so hope you enjoy this one.

Sorry about the weird indenting, Google Docs is being annoying, and I lack the attention span to fix it. Hope it didn't bother you overly much. So, onto the actual story. Judging by this chapter, this rewrite is going to be great fun, and fairly easy to write. Turnover time might be slow for awhile because of other projects and schoolwork, but hopefully not too bad.

So, I bid you adieu until the next chapter.


Edit: There will be NO Twilicorn in this fic. This all takes place before the end of season three. Now, please, stop asking me about it.