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Twilight Sparkle thinks that Cheerilee would provide a very interesting partner... to talk to... about literature. Nothing else. Right?

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*raised eyebrow* Hmm, must read. :duck:


Yep, this was very amusing.

Featured comes next.

The lack of tags amuses me.

Noooo I want to see what happens AFTER the awkward conversation!

*hhhk-kshhhhh* Your lack of tags... disturbs me *rasies hand slowly*

Yes. Yes, this good.

I can see this. At first I was like "age gap?" but then remembered in the Cutie Mark chronicles Cheerilee is roughly around the ages of the Mane 6 (she's one of rarity's classmates wearing one of her costumes).

Well that ended rather... abruptly.

Completed already? Oh well...:fluttershyouch:

Good story, entertaining, but a few typos were still in there.

D'aww. I liked it.

"always bring a banana to a party"
Is this a Doctor Who reference I see?

Good story, fast ending. A follow up would be grand.:twilightsheepish:

Eh, it's a comedy from Wanderer D. How the hell can it NOT be good. (Not saying you're a comedy genius, but I've always found the humorous scenes in your fics quite enjoyable.)

Just as I thought it was a fun set-up, it was over. I would have enjoyed seeing more meddling from Cheerilee's mother. Plus I admit to being curios how Twilight works in with her desire for Grandkids...

*reads description*
Must read.
*sees author*

And it was! Bonus points for the Doctor Who reference!

Have you written more matchmaker Cheerimom by any chance? I'm sure I've seen her around before. Hmm.

Really good story, very funny in many parts. Not a fan of CheeriLight/Twirilee, but this was really cute and amusing. Good work

Obligatory George Takei for WD right here.

:looksatauthor: WANDERER D?! Dis gon b gud gud gud.

"How to Make Featured, for Dummies"

Step 1: Be Wanderer D
Step 2: Write a short one-shot with a twist!

I was searching for the Cheerilee emoticon when I realized there was none. :fluttershyouch:

This was a very good story, but I think it would be even better if you add a chapter showing the rest of the mane 6 reactions. Maybe even have Celestia send Twilight a response to the letter.

Want moar. Moar awkward Twilight and Cheerilee and walking facefirst into euphemism hell. More meddling mommas, embarassed mentors and sarcastically incompetant sidekicks.

This is the good shit, and while I can understand drawing a line under it and walking, it's too good not to follow up on, at least a little. Please? Pretty please?


At first I cried tears of joy at seeing a highly rated CheeriLight fic. Then they became tears of sorrow because it was over so soon.

In other words...

“Step five: Profit.”


There is a distinct lack of Cheerilight around. Nice way to fill a gap. :D

A very enjoyable read, with a few minor issues (Cheerilee is "staring at the pile of paperwork, staring at it", or somesuch, and she is wondering whether Twilight is "asking asking" her something; also, I think I saw a "slowl" in there looking for its final "y").

Also, references much? Particularly the one where Twilight talks about "romance reports"? :pinkiegasp: I so see what you did there. And I approve. :yay:

The ironic endin is priceless. Anyway, good story.

There's too much potential for fun and shenanigans to leave this a one shot! :flutterrage:

But yeah, and it's good.

...Okay, that .gif creeped the shit out of me. xD

Heh this was amazingly cute. You sir earned a moustache :moustache:

Sweet story! o/

I approve.

since this is marked Incomplete it will go on? or does the 'The End' at the end mean it is over?

this. uhm, it seemed like a good set-up but it really wasn't, uhm ... really funny. the sex jokes in the classroom also felt a tad forced? i'm sorry, it's well written and a really good set-up but it's just not ... comedy to me. more slice-of-life.


I would love to see more!

There is far to much happening in this story for a one-shot, can we have a follow up?


I do hope there is more to come. That abrupt ending really threw me off.

The one thing that I wish there was in this story is.... MOAR!!!

1038358 I know, right? Hardly anyone seems to notice that.

Wish thee was a bit more to this. But it was rather endearing nonetheless.


This was adorable...But that ending! :twilightoops:
Epilogue, please?:applecry:

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