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The proprietor of the series known as 'Sweet Special-Nothings'. Well known for the story Hop, Skip, and a Jump! And First Date. Also wrote the Conversion Bureau tale, A Mare's Tail.


Scootaloo often goes down into the fields of Ponyville to watch the one and only Rainbow Dash defy physics and gravity with her dangerous stunts that wow even the most talented of pegasi. However, a chance encounter with Ponyville's mailmare leads Scootaloo to confront issues long held in her heart.

A story of Derpy and Scootaloo, of family, trials, and a sense of self-worth.

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WOOHOO, Ditzy Do! I dont understand why Scootaloo never asks Ditzy, Fluttershy or an other Pegasus for flight lessons. Dash will never teach her something because shes too lazy.

This was a beautiful story. I think the swimming thing would completely explain the bubble mark as well. I mean the buzzing wings must kick up bubbles right? So Derpy's talent is swimming and being happy? I'm perfectly okay with that.

Aww that was the sweetest little thing I've read in ages :heart:

this gave me a happy feel

That was a very cute story. :derpytongue2::scootangel:

It was a good story. I only found one problem. :twilightsmile:

You said: "Charging through Ponyville, the filly buzzed her wings like a humming bird as she ached for her scooter" :scootangel:

But in the next paragraph Scootaloo suddenly has her scooter. :rainbowhuh:

I'd suggest either removing the scooter from the scene, or illustrate her having issues turning the scooter

Other than that, It was very good. A mustache for you! :moustache:

Thanks for catching that. Editing mistake, it's supposed to be 'arched over.' The mishap explained covers why Scootaloo epically crashes a moment later.

So many d'aawwwws.

That was a beautiful, wonderful, touching story.:heart::twilightsmile:

All of my feels.

I have now met the proper DAW intake of the day, or week, possibly month... I might need to go get checked now. :twilightblush:


Two cutiest ponies ever together! Loved this! Great job!:scootangel: :derpytongue2:

Haha, swimming :derpytongue2:, I love that idea :yay:

Great story I give you three brostaches :moustache::moustache::moustache:

Please add a sad tag. I cried a little about Scootaloo's mom.

Yeah, I'll be honest, I got the idea because I usually order Tea and Lemonade half and half at restaurants I go to, and it comes to me completely unmixed, so I tend to blow bubbles in them to mix 'em up... I started to play up my strategies and I made so many bubbles...

I'm sorry if you were unprepared for that, but I felt that I had cut enough of the sad out from my initial drafts that it was safe from tears. My apologies.

This is really, really sweet. I loved that ending, it was perfect! Awwww! :pinkiesad2: I would have liked to see Derpy spend some more time on how it feels to be a laughingstock klutz your whole life, and maybe a little backstory on how she overcame her feelings of inadequacy. It felt very rushed and didn't have much of an emotional impact.

One last thing that's pretty incidental -- I really like Sweetie Belle's characterization here. It's cute and makes total sense, with a sister like Rarity!

I love this story. I have now favorited and liked. And may I say:

manly tears manly tears... ah stuff it Tears are good manly or not

Aww, very sweet.

Water therapy for weak wings? That's an idea that makes so much sense, I wonder why no one's ever written it before. And in only four weeks! (Although if a broken wing heals enough to leave the hospital in less than a week, and ponies can survive tremendous acceleration and slamming into stationary objects at high velocities, it makes sense that four weeks would be enough time.)

I also liked the handling of Scootaloo's family; the reveal in her mother's room was developed with sufficient foreshadowing to make me feel stuff. Although I'm not a fan of orphanloo, semiorphanloo, or homelessloo, it works here.

Aww thats so sweet. It's nice seeing a happy Scoot story for once.

What I am a fan of is Hidden Depths Derpy/Ditzy/Whatever Hasbro's lawyers end up calling her.

Why am I not allowed to upvote more than once? I can't give this thing the votes it deserves from me!:raritycry:

Fuck me I cried:raritycry:


It is always time for more Scootalove! And always time for more derpy. This made me smile. Thank you.

"Derpy stopped her muffin annihilation." Flagged for gross inaccuracies.

That ending. So much awesome.

That was absolutely adorable!:scootangel: Hooray Scootalove!

That was really cute. The ending fit the story perfectly. Well played, sir :pinkiehappy:

Great Story. :)

I really liked thi story. It was cute having Derpy teach Scootaloo how to fly.

Interesting. I would like to see a sequel. :pinkiesmile:

All I can say is Dawwwww.

A sweet story. A good take on Scoots, her wings and her family.

Oh, and the middle paragraph of the father's letter seems to be un-italicized. Sorry about nit-picking!

This was quite well written, though the ending was a bit abrupt. I didn't feel as emotional as I thought that an ending of that sort of incur. Other than that, though, quite well done!

Good Story for once is not Rainbow Dash teaching Scootaloo how to fly but Derpy. Love the ending by the way.:derpytongue2:

i had read this story so long ago and i had liked it so much i didnt have an account then but now i do and want you to know i loved this story:pinkiehappy:

This is great story, the sadness is dosed properly and the ending is upbeat. You might want to check the italics in the letter, though, that sticks out a little.

Good idea, good execution, believable headcanon with the wing training (but is Scoot's so alone, who looks after her? She must have a caretaker, at least), d'aww ending.


That would appear to be the perfect story for Derpy's Cutie Mark!
Awesome story, good job HiddenBrony.

It's like radiation, except DAW can kill one faster:trixieshiftleft:

I really enjoyed how Derpy was handled in this story. :D She's a light-hearted and kind pony.

I love this, 1842107 exactly my thoughts!

I'm glad to say that this fic made it in to my ever-expanding good/favorite fanfics list!

Where has this little gem been hiding? 81 weeks since the last comment? Travesty!

It's excellent. Characterization is dead on for the most part, with the sole exception being that Scootaloo is more emotional and less brash than we typically see of her. That's perfectly acceptable considering the content of the fic, though. The work is short enough that possible continuity errors don't really crop up. The tone is always appropriate for the topic at hand, and covers a startlingly broad range of emotion considering it's a one-shot. It takes real skill to pack heartrending and heartwarming in the same 5,000 words.

Beautifully done. I enjoyed every second of reading it, and applaud your ability as an author. Thank you for publishing this work.

5087485 I know Right!

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