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When I find the time to write, I tend to just watch YouTube.

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PM me and ask if I'm accepting first, please! I get busy VERY easily.

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Current Workload:

This Apple Can't Eat Apples by Mixolydian Grey
Not Moving On by thesecret1
In Somnis Veritas by RandomBlank
Je Te Vois by Mike Dugan
Autonomous Reflection by Hiddenpairer
All Sisters Go To Heaven by FrozenPegasus
The Wall by Swick
Fallout Equestria: For What We Have Left by Ballistic456
Assorted others

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MLP Forums Writing Centre (reborn on page 45!)

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Well, I like to follow my inspirations, and "Long Road to Friendship" is my current binge read right now. Looking forward to an update! :rainbowkiss:

You were my 100th follower! Feel good about yourself! :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for the fav

Thanks for the fav, much appreciated!

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