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I'm not sure what theoverwolf is but just assume I'm below that.


Screw it, I'm doing this. · 9:11pm Apr 9th, 2014

50 questions time.

1. What is your first name: Liam

2. How old are you: 17

3. What country are you from: The united states of america

4. What do you actually look like: Curly hair, little muscular, glasses etc.

5. What do you wish you looked like:

6. How did you come across My Little Pony: My friend Cody showed me and I was hooked

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Could you accept my applications on the site?

1046577 ok I'll do it when I get to a real computer

1044966 Vike won't be able to make the thread.He's doing a college tour.

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should be played right after chapter 1.
Roy's theme music

kidding (kinda) need something better. also:

Antlers' theme
Lf a theme for control.

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