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I like read fiction and adventure. I love write but no so much, till one day I discovered a way to expand my imagination. So, I said myself "Why not?" And now my adventures has just begun.


All I wanna do is have some fun... (Frankenstein related) · 4:04pm Jan 13th, 2014

All I wanna do is have some fun
I got a felling I'm not the only one...

Geez, I think the only one... meh.

It's actually what I have planned already. Have fun.

I'm a little slow to write, and it's not my fault. A year ago I wrote 65k in three months, but now I spend three hours to write 500 words :facehoof:

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I was in my local library, too and regardless the situation I was looking for some movies to check out and also return a couple of books. It was then when I have a feeling of curiosity that took me to check the bookshell where I picked up one of the books I just brough back. So I though "I'm in a library looking for something that is not a book... I better get one" and after reading all the titles I found it. It was Book 2 The Magician, but I didn't know it until I did some research on my phone. After I realized that I had the second bookon my hands, to avoid spoilers I just read the dairy entry...

I have never been so commited to find a book in my whole life... but the first book was already out an hour ago. So I left the second book in the bookshell and I set the timer on my phone 6 days after that day. When I came back I found the first three of the series and I pick them all before someone else. And I also did a request for the other three because the library didn't have them.

It took me month and a half to read them all. I wasn't expecting that ending.

1557533 I was at my local library I think two or so years ago(I've moved since then, anyway), and I couldn't find anything good to read. Then this guy came up to me, "I see you've been walking around for a while, are you having trouble finding something?" Of course it kind of threw me off because he was wearing a muscle shirt, so he was obviously NOT a librarian or a secretary. I told him I was bored and I couldn't find any good books and he said he just check in a series he finished reading. He went up to the front desk and had them check them back in faster so he could toss them over to me, and MAN were they good books. The ending kind of sent me spinning though. I was NOT expecting that, not in the slightest.

True :rainbowdetermined2:. People need to know about this series, so they need to solve that thingy about the rights. But if you ask me, Universal or DreamWorks could be, in my case, the best options.

And by the way, how did this awesome serie found you?

1556720 If only the rights to the movie won't stop changing hands, right? If they would finish that thing more people would know about the series

Really, you are the second one I now beside other guy in this site who knows about that series as well. Man, this is awesome.

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