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Toothless the Night Fury

Fire-breathing dragon with a passion for reading, writing, and editing. Avatar by CosmicSpectrumm

I'm not strangling him! This is how dragons hug!

My Name Is Tempest. My first (and surprisingly) well-received story. Delves into consequence, survival, and if people are capable of change.

Tempest Shadow: Operation Firework. A thriller romance novel starring the reader and Tempest. Delivers a decent mystery, top-tier clop, and a surprising emotional ending.

Pending For Review

Pending For Review. Stories I plan to leave an in-depth review on.

About Me

Hiya, I'm Toothless!

I'm an avid reader, writer, roleplayer, and prereader. My goal is to deliver breathtaking experiences, or to help others deliver them. Whether it's the rush of falling from a building, or falling in love, I'm (almost) always up for the challenge.

What have you done?

I started my creative journey in 2013 with my first fan fiction. I wrote a rather terrible story about the movie Rio, and what could happen when Christmas came around. I eventually moved onto FIMFiction.net and began editing for a large proofreading group. I even became one of the lead admins for it.

After that, I took a four year hiatus from writing and editing. During this time, I explored different creative avenues such as playing a Dungeon Master in Dungeons and Dragons and roleplaying both in video games and in real life.

Now I'm working on my very first My Little Pony story, My Name Is Tempest. I also pre-read for several authors, such as The Abyss and Crowley.

Do you have any tips for writing?

Yes. Emulate writers you enjoy.

The fastest (and in my opinion, the most effective) way to get better at writing is by imitating those who are better than you. Now, this doesn't mean that there is a 'best' writing style, nor does it mean all popular writers are good. There's so much you can learn from emulation however that would take months or even years to learn by yourself.

Do yourself a favor: emulate those you enjoy.

If you're worried about plagiarism or stealing, don't worry. Your writing style might match, but your ideas, your plots, and your characters can be vastly different and original.

Do you play any video games?

Despite my love of story, I am quite the competitive gamer. I am a Master player in competitive Overwatch, and used to be a Legendary Eagle in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (old rankings).

When I'm feeling more casual, I play Fortnite (Power Level 23) and The Elder Scrolls Online (CR 216). My main character in Elder Scrolls Online is Akrawyn Yarjerit, a Knight for House Dunraven. This takes the majority of my online roleplaying.

I also play tabletop roleplaying games, such as Dungeons and Dragons and Star Trek Adventures. I'm often the Dungeon Master.

If you'd like to play with me, shoot over a PM! I usually only play with friends, but sometimes I make exceptions.

Will you review / pre-read my story?

Leave your story as a comment to my user page, or message me here on FIMFiction.net. I can't promise I can help, but I'll certainly do my best!

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Hi, thanks for tracking Defect! Hope it's a good read for you!

:twilightsmile: I'm glad you liked the prologue and I appreciate your compliments sincerely. Chapter quality waned on a couple of chapters due to the deadline I was trying to meet. Now that I do not have to meet it, I'll put more effort into creating quality chapters.

Hey there!

I actually spotted your story from the contest thread you submitted it in. I absolutely was blown away with your prologue. The first few lines of it felt more like a published novel than a fan fiction online. That said, after I grazed the other chapters, it was disappointing that the trend didn't seem to continue. I'd have to look at it again. I just skimmed over it.

No worries though! I think you have a fantastic story on your hands (hooves). I feel like my writing could really improve from your prologue (at the very least).

I noticed you put my story into a review, and whilst I appreciate that I must make clear that it isn't finished yet. I will be working on it full time after I publish my latest fic in the works. That being said, I appreciate you're giving it a look over anyway. It's one of my personal favourite fictions currently in the works, and I appreciate that at least one other person is going to give it a read. Thank you. :twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 48 - 52 of 52
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