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A plot against the Royal Council of Regents foiled. A mysterious villain defeated. His most loyal lieutenant turned double agent. This is the life of Tempest Shadow.

For her actions in stopping the Storm King, Tempest may very well be called a hero. But her past crimes need an answer not only for Equestria, but for herself. She continues to wrestle with her purpose and her disability now that her servitude to her former master has ended. Tired of her struggles, Tempest Shadow seems content to resign herself to whatever fate the Equestrian intelligence apparatus deems fit.

Twilight Sparkle has other ideas.

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Comments ( 4 )

Neat. I liked it.

Author Interviewer

The A/N had me worried, but that was quite good! Where might I learn more about this AU?

The primary story in that AU is Equestrian Horizon. A few others I've written also constitute side stories, namely Rain, Autumn Leaves, The Iron Saddle, and Smolder.

Author Interviewer

Okay, tracked!

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