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A nation lost to time suddenly reappears in the frozen north of Equestria. In the interest of establishing diplomatic contact, Equestria dispatches an envoy to the capital. But during the talks, reports of marauding black dragons fall upon the diplomats' table. With no standing army or trained volunteers to combat them, the Crystal Empire turns to Equestria for aid. The newly formed Task Force Paladin from the Pax Equestria Alliance fleet is dispatched to provide protection from the raiders in the absence of an organized military presence.

Lieutenant Firefly leads Timberwolf flight, one of many combat flier teams responsible for maintaining the no-fly zone around the capital. Firefly gets more than she bargained for when a routine combat air patrol erupts into a full-on aerial skirmish.

Proof of concept and precursor story for Equestrian Horizon. This story is set in but not canon to the universe.

- Voice Alphabet for REA and Pax Equestria Member States

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Well, you have definitely proved the concept. The imagery is good but not over done, and the action is described very well. Firefly reminds me of Captain Bartlett from AC5 due to the similar views on command structure and the willingness to defy orders.

I really do hope you continue the idea. There is always a need for good Ace Combat crossovers.

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