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Written for EsperFox.

Disparate as Destiny and Daedalus were, it was not unusual to make friends in strange places, for strong are the bonds formed in tribulation. The truest test of friendship, however, is when you strip away what makes it possible in the first place. A terrible accident leads Destiny to make an equally terrible sacrifice for the life of her friends.

In the wake of the disaster, Destiny finds herself free of her compassion and free of her prior limits. With nothing else to hold her back, she pursues the answers she has sought her entire life. Daedalus, still nursing his wounds, endeavors to stop her, knowing full well the dark paths which her questions will lead.

How far will you go to save your friends?

Daedalus belongs to me.
Destiny belongs to EsperFox.

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A plot against the Royal Council of Regents foiled. A mysterious villain defeated. His most loyal lieutenant turned double agent. This is the life of Tempest Shadow.

For her actions in stopping the Storm King, Tempest may very well be called a hero. But her past crimes need an answer not only for Equestria, but for herself. She continues to wrestle with her purpose and her disability now that her servitude to her former master has ended. Tired of her struggles, Tempest Shadow seems content to resign herself to whatever fate the Equestrian intelligence apparatus deems fit.

Twilight Sparkle has other ideas.

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This story is a sequel to Autumn Leaves

Beautiful, smart, talented, and passionate, Caesura was everything a Royal Equestrian Army officer could want. Fletcher rightly believed himself the luckiest stallion on earth when he married her. But that was years ago.

Fletcher now lives alone in the same rented apartment in Canterlot they once shared. The former Army officer in him has moved on. But the remainder desperately clings to a few embers of hope; hope that someday Caesura might return. So when Fletcher finds Caesura on his doorstep, he is torn. His estranged wife brings with her an unusual proposition: spend one final night together before they part ways forever. Despite his misgivings, Fletcher has waited for years to see her again, and the offer Caesura gives is one he cannot refuse.

Before the night is through, Fletcher must make a choice: finally quench the embers of a dead relationship or rekindle them into something new.

Implied sexual situations and language. No clop.

A quasi-sequel to Autumn Leaves and The Iron Saddle. Set prior to the events of Equestrian Horizon.

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A nation lost to time suddenly reappears in the frozen north of Equestria. In the interest of establishing diplomatic contact, Equestria dispatches an envoy to the capital. But during the talks, reports of marauding black dragons fall upon the diplomats' table. With no standing army or trained volunteers to combat them, the Crystal Empire turns to Equestria for aid. The newly formed Task Force Paladin from the Pax Equestria Alliance fleet is dispatched to provide protection from the raiders in the absence of an organized military presence.

Lieutenant Firefly leads Timberwolf flight, one of many combat flier teams responsible for maintaining the no-fly zone around the capital. Firefly gets more than she bargained for when a routine combat air patrol erupts into a full-on aerial skirmish.

Proof of concept and precursor story for Equestrian Horizon. This story is set in but not canon to the universe.

- Voice Alphabet for REA and Pax Equestria Member States

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THIS ITERATION OF THE PROJECT HAS BEEN CANCELLED. Para bellum will be reworked and relaunched after the completion of Equestrian Horizon as part of a larger project. Stand by for further updates in my writer's blog. The text of this story will remain online for archival purposes.

Espousing the virtues of friendship and cooperation, Equestria quickly extends its influence beyond its own borders. Guided by the philosophy of Harmony, the Equestrian hegemony spans from the homeland of Greater Equestria to protectorates and allies across the seas. All members of the trade pacts flourish in the exchange of goods and ideas. The world is at peace under Pax Equestria.

But all is not as it seems. A change in leadership in neighboring Aquellia, land of the griffons, sets the two nations on a collision course that can only result in war. In the midst of the political maelstrom, Princess Luna struggles to hold together a nation reeling from a stricken Celestia, an unexpected war, and the possibility of traitors in their midst. In the face of great tragedy, the remaining ruler of Equestria must stand strong, no matter the cost to herself.

Meanwhile, Shining Armor takes the reins of Task Force Tacitus, a crack team of Royal Equestrian Army commandos assembled to wage unconventional war against an implacable foe. Shining Armor must gain the trust of Fletcher, a bitter ex-operator with a checkered past, but the talents and experience Armor needs to win this fight. As Tacitus races to unravel the threads that led to war and stop a sinister plot against Equestria, Luna prepares to do battle with that which lurks in the darkness.

Princess. Commander. Each have their roles to play in a bid to bring peace back to their country, their people, and their world. But all in Equestria will soon learn that if they desire peace, they must prepare for war.

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A routine cordon and search operation in Afghanistan goes horribly wrong, stranding Spc. Noah Ingram in a distant land with only his wits and a handful of rapidly dwindling supplies. While there, Ingram uncovers a plot that threatens both this world and his own, forcing him to fight for his life if he ever hopes to make it home again. Sometimes, a hero is just an average guy in the wrong place at the right time.

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In the rain, an old warhorse finds the time to reminisce, ruminate, and revitalize. After a long life of service to the Princess, Colonel Aristotle Ironwing finds himself in retirement, a long boring end to an otherwise illustrious career. But it seems Celestia has other ideas...

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The more things change, the more they stay the same. Old friendships and the service of Her Majesty are no exception. Captain Fletcher confronts old friends and old wounds on his return to Stalliongrad.

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