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Orange Sherbet has received an invite to attend the annual Apple family reunion, being hosted in Ponyville this year.
She would love nothing more than to see all her relatives again, but uncertainty grips her heart. The last time she ever attended the Apple Clan's gathering was when she was still a filly on a farm. Much has changed for her since then, she fell in love with an Orange, moved away from her sister and mother, and hasn't even seen a live apple tree aside from the one in the Neigh York Botanical Gardens in over 20 years. She doesn't even have her old name anymore. Can the business savvy city socialite find a way to fit in with her dirt loving farm raised cousins?

Story set in the Manehattanverse.
Cover art by punzil504

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Good and interesting start with this story. I'm already wondering how this will all play out in the end. I'll be waiting for more!

Interesting. Very interesting. It's nice to see this universe continued (and I actually catch it from the beginning.:twilightblush:) I am tracking this.

I ran into a rendition of the FIM theme, that actually sounds like it would fit with the Manehattan story. So in accompaniment with the new lyrics, might I add in... this song.

I could be interpreting it wrong, but from most accounts the Apples are a very proud family, and no Apple was going to accept chairty. Assuming that the point of deviation from canon was the Summer Sun Festival, Applejack still saw the Sonic Rainboom in Manehatten, got homesick, and went home to get her cutie mark... only AJ knows why she didn't tell Sherbet. Maybe that's why she wasn't destined to be the Element of Honesty in this universe.

I like where this is going. FWIW, the wiki lists Babs as Granny Smith's great neice, not her granddaughter. It's not that big a deal, since it's an AU anyway.

It's also a wiki. Anybody can say anythin' on a wiki.

Technically the point a' deviation was when Daring Do got the Elements from the Everfree Forest. It jus' didn't come inta play until the Celebration.


True enough. Candy Morrow's Tweet on the subject doesn't dismiss the possibility entirely, either.

I'm liking where this is going. We can also more or less see the moral in this story, and I have to say, I like it.:derpytongue2:

I hope to see more!

Trixie is going to teach Orange Sherbert how to be an Apple again...that's rich. Let's see what happens next.


At Jackie's recommendation, I have amended the Babs reference. Other than that, you are pretty much spot on with the rest.

I made this art, inspired by you and Little Jackie Papercut.


Cool, think you can inspire up some cover art for me as well?

That really is pretty awesome. Ah'm gonna hafta work extra-hard on the next story ta make it inspirin' too.

So far, pretty enjoyable. I think I'll enjoy this.

I really like this universe and this is an excellently written fic, the detail the characterization, the set up for the current plot is extremely well done, Auntie's background was brilliantly done and I especially like the added details in regards to AJ and her stay. The only thing that worry's me (a little at least) is the message; I could be wrong but it seems like she's going to work for the acceptance of her family, while they don't change for her. There is a somewhat different undercurrent to it, as Sherbet does show an already existing desire to be at least more similar to the pony she once was, but I suppose it still worries me a little. Regardless this has so far been a fantastic read, excellent writing, great detail into, the actions, the setting and surrounding environment and the background and overall brilliant characterization, making for an extremely immersive story. My apologies if this comes across as rude at all that was not my intention.

"Tangerine? Would you like me to show you how to cook my family's old recipes?"

Only thing I thought I should point out. Apologies for being such a grammar nazi.

But seriously, I really liked this chapter. Everyone's attempts to bring out the country side of Auntie were hilarious, challenging and heartwarming too. The characters were believable, and each one did their part well. Really great work!

Just be yourself, but not the you who you really are. Be the you who you'd be if you were somepony else. Somepony better. Yeah, that's what I mean.

This chapter was awesome. I love what you've done with Tangerine, she fits so much better as Aunt Orange's daughter than Babs would have. I was hearing "the rain in Spain stays mainly on the plain," for most of the part where Daring was trying to help.

Blossomforth's a weather pony, but her true talents lie in botany, correct? (It is her cutie mark after all, so it makes sense.)

Loved the idea of Celestia employing unconventional methods for teaching Twilight. Painting without seeing the subject helps your ability to envision things, which is vital for establishing a teleportation location, am I right? I'd love to see more of that kind of thing in the future, it's a very neat way to establish how much effort Celestia has put in Twilight.

Not at all, I'd love some editors. In fact, if anyone also has any ideas to put into the fashion montage, give me a PM. I feel like I can fill that up more.

Accordin' ta Hasbro's own word, Blossomforth's job is ta bring sunny weather fer the flowers. Ah'd say she's as good with plants as Fluttershy is with animals.


I was hoping you'd say something like that... I have a couple of ideas for a "Manehatten 6 at the Gala" story, but was having difficulty justifying Blossomforth's reason for wanting to go. After reading today's update, and seeing your response, it's now rather obvious.

Fantastic chapter, I loved all of it, the painting idea for Twilight's teloportation was really brilliant, I like Tangerine and the ending is infidelity intriguing!

I can't wait to see what happens at the Reunion. Will Apple Bloom and Tangerine get along? Or will AB see Tangerine as another Diamond Tiara?

Loving this story right now. Can't wait to see what is going to happen next at the reunion.:pinkiehappy:

Also, if knew that Tangerine was going to be so adorable I would've brought the Fluttershy grade insulin before I read this.:pinkiesick:

You know, this fanfic is kind of like Ah Ain't Got no Ack-cent! in reverse. I can't wait to see how things end.

Amazing. Simply amazing. You not only manage to cover everything that happened in the canon episode, but add the necessary "what to do with the other five Elements" bits. Trixie going all Wile E. Coyote/Fluttershy-at-the-Gala/Sméagol on Winona was brilliant, as was the meeting between Fiddlesticks and Octavia. Even Mosely had his moment to shine in his silent exchange with Big MacIntosh.

Then we get to the twist cliffhanger... talk about mood whiplash. Suddenly it gets real.

Whoa. Shocker ending there.:rainbowderp:

So what's gonna happen next? Will they find a way to keep Sweet Apple Acres from closing? Or will something else happen? Kinda eager to find out.

Dammit, Winona :twilightangry2:

I'm guessing Applejack will suddenly decide she isn't too proud to accept Aunt Orange's big-city money, after all. :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

Oranges to the rescue! At least Granny Smith has some sense.

Applejack? Sherbet? You hear that sound? It's the sound of trying too hard, dearies.

Hmm. Well, without the Mane 6's help, looks like the events in Applebuck Season and Super Speedy Cider Squeezy didn't turn out as well as they did in canon.

Great chapter. Loved the whole thing between Winona and Trixie.

Things awesome in this chapter:pinkiehappy:
Trixie and Winona side story:rainbowlaugh:
Applebloom, Babs, and Tangerine meeting:raritystarry:
Whole chapter being part of actual episode and events of previous episodes not going well without help from the other Mane 5? :ajsmug::pinkiesmile::raritywink:
Keep up the good work, and can't wait for the last chapter to this!

Trixie and Winona are like Sylvester and Tweety :pinkiehappy:

And Auntie hasn't made up with Applejack yet :applecry:

And with no mane 6, Sweet Apple Acres is bankrupt?! :twilightoops:

How shall all this be solved? :eeyup:

Comment posted by Little Jackie Papercut deleted May 18th, 2013

All in all, it's comin' along great. Ah'm lookin' forward ta what comes next.

A nice and heartwarming ending. Good work on this story. I also liked the song you put up in here.:yay:

By the way, if you have the time, maybe you could take a look at the second chapter of my story and see if I need to improve on anything?

I agree with previous speaker. It was a very fitting resolution, having Auntie bring up unexpected skills to fix the problem in a way that made everypony happy. Reminded me a bit about "Winter Wrapup".

Heh, livestock. What sort of position do they really have in Equestria? They're canonically sapient and can talk, but the Apples are seen wrangling them on two occasions. Maybe they are some kind of hippie community who pays their rent with milk, fleece and truffles because they don't believe in conventional money, and regular work is just the way the Mare is keeping you down.

Now this is how you truly do an extended AU! Bravo Skyeheart Bravo!

Nice callback to how Sherbet earned her cutie mark in the first place, as well as Twilight being the proverbial "nail."

That is, since she never came to Ponyville, Applebuck season turned out even worse than it did in the episode. But again, wonderful resolution, and as suspected, both AJ and Sherbet's family issues stemmed from a lack of proper communication.

My only minor concern is that if it were me, due to the ambiguity surrounding Babs' immediate family, I would not have given Babs' parents names, just as a precaution in the event of a Season 4 "Applebloom in Manehattan" Episode messing it up.

Judging from the ending, I guess you're one of the people who subscribe to the theory that Octavia is one of Pinkie's sisters?


Well, this story cleared up that Octavia is NOT related to Fiddlesticks in this universe, but the only mention of Pinkie Pie in this story was by Applebloom, and it was regarding Gummy. Interestingly, Applebloom mentioned that Pinkie found Gummy in the Manehattan sewers, or at least claimed that it's where Gummy came from.

It's left wide open, but I'm curious to see what Octavia's family is like now in this AU. I've been reading a lot of different Octavia stories lately.

Loved it! The talk between Sherbet and Applejack was full of feels and of course Granny Smith knew what was best all along.

LittleJackiePapercut's the one who had the idea for that, I was just following up. I can alter it should I see such a season 4 episode.

Cousins actually, but I left it open ended since LJP wasn't sure having that many tie-ins would be that good.

Excellent. Can't wait for Brag You Down.

An excellent conclusion, an' the verses're stunnin'. Ah'm really amazed.:ajsmug:

SkyeHeart great story but I believe babs has another relative an older sister to be exact, not to take away from the story.

Great ending for a great story. Any chance of their being a future story about Octavia's family?

That sounds good, I can put that in easy.

Not likely, haven't got an idea, but if you do, you're welcome to write.

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