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The Best Young Fliers competition is coming up, a contest for the best of the best pegasi around to strut their stuff. Hundreds of ponies, even-non pegasi, come just to watch the awe inspiring feats of aerial acrobatics in the Cloudsdale arena.
Only the top pegasi with unparalleled skill dare to throw their horseshoe into the ring, so one would never expect average confidence, average flier, and somewhat absentminded junior weather cadet Blossomforth from Manehattan to be in the running. But after an unexpected meeting with an old schoolmate, and a wrong turn while engrossed with catching up, the flower loving pegasus now finds herself as number 13 in what is perhaps the biggest airshow next to a Wonderbolts derby.

Can she and her partner muddle through this without either of them going to pieces? Or will stage fright and humiliation claim another victim for a front page scandal in the Cloudsdale Quarterly?

Story set in the Manehattanverse
Cover art by punzil504

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 70 )

Nice job you did referencing three stories in this chapter. And I agree, this site does need more pony tags, not just leave them out with 'other'. That's kinda insulting them...:unsuresweetie:

Whoops. Looks like Flutters and Blossom are in for it.

Hmm, they seem to be very casual about grounders going to Cloudsdale here. Are cloudwalking spells more common in this 'verse? Sure, Twilight can whip up the appropriate magics, but they don't even mention the issue.

It's all fun and games until somepony Flutters a Shy?

For a pony who only appears in one episode, Blossomforth is very popular on Fimfiction. She's a major character in the Winningverse, and the Element of Loyalty in the Manehattanverse. Raindrops aside, if Alicorn Twilight has her own character tag, Blossomforth certainly deserves one, too.

This will either be awesome or I'll be wincing throughout their 'performance'. But I'll be reading just the same. :scootangel::trollestia::yay:


Actually, they're planning to watch the performance on the Orange's balloon, but...ah the rest would be spoiling.

Nice addition to the Manehattanverse, and thanks for referencing my Hurricane Blossomforth even before I finished it!:pinkiegasp::raritywink:

So... are ya gonna address how the group can be in Cloudsdale? In the show, they could only get there 'cause Twilight dug up an obscure cloudwalkin' spell, which she only did 'cause they wanted ta support Rainbow Dash...


In due time, keep in mind I have a project going on right now outside of writing.

2782830 Too late! The truth serum has already caused you to give it up! AHAHAHA! Now give me your PIN numbers!

Great story so far. :pinkiehappy: Based on the other Manehattanverse stories you've done, I'd say you do a really good job of adapting ideas from the canon episodes they're based on while putting your own spin on them. I love how Rainbow Dash and Trixie play off each other as rivals in egotistical showmareship even without the bad blood of 'Boast Busters' between them. And the fact that, due to circumstances playing out as they have, Rainbow Dash still has no idea who Daring Do is. And of course, given that the focus is on Blossomforth and Fluttershy, I have to wonder how they'll prepare for their routines?

Looking good. :pinkiesmile:
You've got RD and Fluttershy spot-on there. :pinkiehappy:

Great stuff. I love how you're weaving the original main characters into the plot. Nice you remembered this is pre-reading Rainbow....

Get it? See what I did there?:pinkiehappy:

Love the story. One point of confusion though. Did Honey do just leave and come back as Daring do to preserve her anonymity or did she call in someone else and I'm just not seeing who it is.

Wow, Dash is *not* good with pep talks.

Still, nice to see that she and Fluttershy is gelling with the protagonists fairly well. Stories with alternate main characters sometimes make the mains worse off just to promote the alternates. It's not a particularly pleasant way to make yourself look good. Here, it's clear that Dash is genuinely concerned for Fluttershy and is eventually conviced to work with the others instead of venting.

Another reference to my stories!:pinkiehappy: I like how this is turning out and making ties to Rainbow Dash not knowing who Daring Do is, and having Daring still coming out more in the public as herself. Continuity FTW!:raritywink: Oh and for that training reference, have Trixie help again in showmenship.

This chapter was funny and sweet. I also like the Winningverse reference you've made.:pinkiesmile:

I really enjoy your manehatten 6 stories espically the way you include the original 6.

Very nice chapter, with a lot of funny moments like Trixie channeling Megamind and "nature's taser gun". And the scene with filly Fluttershy and Blossomforth is just heart attack-inducingly adorable.

Though, um... you did kinda... misspell "routine" in the chapter title. :fluttershysad:

And then Fluttershy and Blossomforth kissed. :heart:

It appears that Cloud Kicker has become a constant in the multiverse.

Man, where do I begin.....
THAT WAS AMAZING!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:
First, the references to my stories, especially Blossomforth's down to earth story.:raritywink:
Next, your rendition of So many Wonders to be a duet was heart-breakingly good:raritycry:
Finally, including a bit of RD liking Daring Do in this verse, ooh the misconceptions this will hold for Daring handling another fangirl!:rainbowkiss:
Keep up the good work and see you later!

P.S. Twilight finding the flight spell, who will it be? Trixie anypony:trixieshiftright:


It's the internet, someone already has written it.

Just to let you know, try to rewrite the conversation referencing Hurricane Blossomforth and get the correct numbers of pegasi and the ending from my last chapter. Just a small tibbit.

Imagine what would happen if Suprise and Pinkie ever met one another. We'd enter an apocalypse!:rainbowderp:

First thing I want to say to Trixie is: Stop being an attention seeking w****!:flutterrage:
Now, this chapter is being good for buildup. Can't wait for the conclusion.:raritywink:


Been done. Actually I am going to try it myself.

Oh, and to the author, can I borrow your version of the Welcome song? I just need to modify it a bit. I am using Surprise too. I love Surprise. Wish there was a Surprise tag.


I'm surprised there isn't one yet, as many times as this site uses Surprise and Firefly as characters.


Sure thing. I modified it myself as well.

Just wanted To let you know that I love all your stories. Can't wait for more.

I loved Blossomforth's speech here. Another great chapter in this story!:pinkiesmile:

The song Trixie sings seems familiar, what was it base on? Also, what a nice performance for Fluttershy and Blossomforth.

What photo? Where?
Which? What? Where? Who, Who, Who, WHO?

Daring coming close to breaking the sound barrier herself makes me wonder... what would her "boom" look like?

Trixie was just rocking that Rarity impression. :facehoof:

This was AWESOME! 120% COOLER!!!!!

Hmm... so who won second place?

Also, excellent ending to an excellent story. I love this universe. I think we've had a story cover everyone

I guess there is only Octavia left.

Very delightful story. Great characters, sweet humor, and I especially like how the urban setting gives these stories their own distinctive flair.

3250723 Wasn't there some kind of an Octavia story in "The DJ-PON3 Party"? I'd say that counts, tho I'm always eager for more stories. :twilightsmile:

3250826 If anything we need a Twilight focused episode. But yeah, I really do like the Manehatten-Verse.

I'd still say of all the stories made in it Apples to Oranges is still my favorite.

Once again, another great story. Good work.:pinkiesmile:

Awesome job as always man! Can't to see your next story.

Awesome, here. It's Dash and Fluttershy... but not quite. Excellent.

Love that version of 'So Many Wonders'. :yay:

And now here's where I feel sympathy for Dash. Poor kid. :(

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