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Will work on later


Hearts and Hooves day is coming up, and Spike has got plans, BIG plans.

As this year's Grand Galloping Gala draws closer, Octavia has been rehearsing with her quartet more on a regular basis. But, she's also planning on doing a little solo piece she composed on her own just for the occasion. To that end Spike has graciously volunteered to spend the day helping her practice.

Yes, just him and her, all alone in her apartment for the entire day with nothing to do but- waitjustaminute!


Why it's none other than the designer Orange Sherbet commissioned to design all of their outfits for the gala! And she's so nice, and beautiful, and generous, and beautiful! There has to be something he can do for such a pretty lady! Oh? She needs some assistance finishing her designs by Hearts and Hooves day? Consider it done!

...wait a minute, isn't that also when he promised to-?
This won't end pretty.

Story set in the Manehattanverse

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OHO! We are finally introduced to Rarity in this storyverse. All that's left is Pinkie Pie.

So you'll be tackling the Spike-Octavia-Rarity love triangle in this universe, huh? I hope you do a good job.:pinkiesmile:

Dun dun dun!

It really wasn't that dramatic.

Shut up Murphy! This is your fault anyway!

Yes! Yes! Yes!

My favorite alternate element bearers AU has a new story! GOOD DAY!

Great. Now Spike can strike out with two meats instead of just one.

While I think the the second half and prologue are good, I'm not so sure about the first half being a complete reference to Double Rainboom. Almost doing word for words of the fan project seems kind of lazy. Not saying its bad if it is a small nod here or there, but if it takes up a half of the chapter, I don't know, it just seems not right. :unsuresweetie:

*Their latest conundrum: Does Fillisecond's power speed herself up, or slow the universe down?
I hope it slows stuff down. There aren't a lot of people that have Timey-Whimey powers.


It will be necessary in the next few updates.

The Macguffin ingredient should have been a clue that it's going to circle back and be critical to the plot. Don't worry, the first part was as similar as it was going to get.

This won't end pretty.

I think you mean, this won't BE pretty.

Her face brightened. "Exactly as hypothesized! Five whole years of experimentation, and it's actually almost done!" There was just one more ingredient she had to add before placing her new potion into her cooling unit. "Spike, can you fetch me the MacGuffinium extract?"


A bed of roses adorned the floor along some fragrant lit candles, right in front of a large portrait of her cello playing friend Octavia. A small record player stood in the corner left of her, playing what Twilight now recognized as one of her more popular choices of performance. And there, among the circle of petals, with the broom as his dance partner, waltzed Spike, dressed in his finest ensemble, complete with red bow tie. His eyes were closed in blissful ignorance as he spun around, his humming mimicking the record's melody.

Oh my god that's hilarious!

"A little privacy and me-time every once in a while is all I ask for," Spike grumbled as he emptied the last of the rose petals from his dustbin into the wastebasket. "Is that really too much?"

Not at all.

She fought back a roll of the eyes. "But I've been working on this potion since magic kindergarten, and it's just about complete! Think of all the possibilities this one vial can accomplish if I validate it to work like it should!"

Since magic kindergarten? I suspect that either that's a real place and Twilight's ffears in Lesson Zero are more founded than you'd think, or, she's exaggerating. Also, this is starting to remind me a LOT of Double Rainboom.

"This is supposed to be a talent enhancer potion," Twilight explained. "Anything a pony can do, this potion can increase their capabilities to do it tenfold. For example, if I were to drink it, my already advanced magic would become extremely powerful, like moving celestial bodies powerful."

This IS an extended version of Double Rainboom! So far, anyway, but it's so far better written, as Spike has a more prominent role, and it's more cleverly written.

He threw his arms up in the air at Twilight's logic. "That makes no sense! How do you test a potion if you don't drink it?!"

He's right.

"By running a series of magical simulations to determine the resulting effects of each dose," Twilight explained. "Multiple times to verify the predicted result. Physical sampling groups with placebos can begin after we've gathered more data."

Oh, that, actually makes a lot of sense, she wants to first try to see if it would work in theory, THEN actually try it out. This is like Double Rainboom but better!

Twilight's ears turned downward in annoyance at her assistant. "Spike, you have to understand, the scientific process of evaluating a new discovery is designed to have safety as the number one priority, not the result! This potion is theoretically a talent enhancer, but in actuality I can't be sure exactly what it does. For all we know, it could be very dangerous if consumed."

She's got a very valid point, it could be like the Cutie Pox all over again, and we remember how THAT ended up.

Twilight shook her head with a chuckle. "I wouldn't exactly call just sitting in Octavia's apartment to listen to her newest solo she's practicing for the Grand Galloping Gala a date."

Oh let him have his fun.

"Not much," Honey admitted. "All we can tell is that she's a friend of Auntie's niece in Ponyville who was recommended to her immediately after she wrote to her about how we were all going to the Grand Galloping Gala this year. Apparently she's done quality orders for the event every year since she started."

Rarity? Also, Honey is Daring Do's alias right? It's just been a while since I last read about this verse, so my knowledge of it is a bit rusty.

"It was a bazaar of the utmost and amazing quality!" Trixie defended. "Besides, Trixie was his dearest protégé. He was allowed to give her gifts like that."


"Wouldn't miss it for the world," Spike answered. "What kind of dragon would I be if I ignored the request of a lady as lovely as yourself?"
Octavia just smiled and gave him a kind stroke over the frills on his head. "Considering the belligerent nature of almost all dragons outside of Equestria, still better than most. In all honesty though, I am glad to have someone take time out of their schedule to help critique me this year."


Spike stopped as his gaze drifted towards the entrance and caught something out of the corner of his vision.
His pupils locked on to a pair of long fluttering eyelashes.
A pristine, soft white coat and a trio of diamond cut jewels filled his vision.
Purple, silky hair with ribbon-like curls bounced with each step closer to him.
"Who...is that?" he whispered.

No, it's not really that much of an achievement, but, eh-

*Their latest conundrum: Does Fillisecond's power speed herself up, or slow the universe down?



^ What this guy said.

Just use the "Pebbles' Birthday" scenario, Spike. It worked out spectacularly for Fred and Cory.

Alrighty then. Shenanigans activate! Form of, rush between two events! Shape of, blatant excuses!

Spike is in for a disappointment. He should find a nice dragoness instead. Maybe Jewish

The little dragon didn't even realize he was riding on his guardian's back until the smell of today's hotel special, prime morel mushrooms braised in chestnut sauce, coming from the back of the kitchens. "Hmm? Huh?" His bearings were regained only for two seconds before he found a pair of sapphire eyes staring back at his own.
"Oh? And who is this little one?" Rarity scrutinized what was perhaps the first real dragon she ever saw in her life. "I don't believe I'm acquainted with...whoever it is you are."
Spike could only stare back blankly with mouth agape at the pretty face that seemed to be glowing in his vision, so Twilight answered for him.

He appears to be smitten.

"I-hee...heh...I am pretty amazing to have around." Spike blushed under the caress of Rarity's hoof.

You can be rather useful, yes.

"Cutie Mark Crusader sleepover at Rarity's! Yay!"

Ladies and gentlemen, the only phrase in the entire show which is both adorable and terrifying.

"Just use some other cloth? JUST SOME OTHER CLOTH?! Do you not realize just how graceless and insulting I'd be to my client if I used 'just some other cloth' to replace this!? Well then, why don't you just replace that garish and old wrinkled thing you call a hat with 'just some other hat'?"


"Well, I suppose a sweaty uncultured country farm girl like yourself wouldn't understand the intricacies that dictate the rules of fashion, would she? Guess I can't fault you for that." She turned away, looking to the trio of fillies and then to her ruined cloth. "Although I do note, my dear Sweetie Belle never started doing anything so inconsiderate until she met your sister..."

Oh boy...

And before Rarity could so much as scream, a large clod of dirt found itself on a high speed collision course with her head and-

Rarity, I'll be honest, you had that coming.

"Well excuse me for not wanting to make a mess of the town square, and myself while doing a good job."
"Good job nuthin'. The only thing you seem to be good at is your prissy, useless. frou-frou outfits. In fact, Ah bet y'all wouldn't know useful if it came up and bit'cha."
"Ha hum, that doesn't even make any sense."
"Does so."
"Does not."
"Does so."
"Does not."
"Does so."
"Does not."
"Does so infinity. Hah."
"Does not infinity plus one. Heh."

You're acting like children.

Applejack walked ahead as Rarity fussed over where she stepped. "Considerin' this here is the abandoned Ponyville library, Ah reckon not."

She has a point.

Rarity gave a dry, humorless, chuckle. "Well fortunately, as a proper lady, I am well fitted to tolerate even the most unbearable and uncivil of company."

Subtle Rarity, real subtle.

Rarity paused, staring at Applejack's tightly closed mouth. "That...wasn't you..."
"Neither...was it you..." she mirrored back at Rarity.


"Keep your muddy hooves on your side of the bed," Rarity whispered harshly.
"My hooves ain't muddy," Applejack whispered back.
"They were before," Rarity asserted. "There might still be a little on them."
"There ain't. See?" Applejack turned over to flash her hoof in front of Rarity.
"Eww!" Rarity recoiled and rolled back over, taking the only blanket they could find in the place with her.
"Now who's bein' inconsiderate?" Applejack huffed and yanked the covers back.
Rarity hopped out and pushed Applejack off. "Now I have to make the bed again because of all your tossing and turning!"
Applejack rolled her eyes as Rarity nipped and tucked the corners together.
"Ah ah ah! You'll ruin it," Rarity said with a raised hoof before Applejack could get back on. "You have to do it like this."
And she scooted herself in ever so slowly before sighing in contentment amongst the unruffled sheets.
"Yeah, that's not gonna happen. Geronimo!" Applejack cannonballed the bed, knocking Rarity out and once again claiming the covers all for herself.
"You did that on purpose!" Rarity cried.
"Can't hear ya, I'm asleep." And Applejack gave off some fake snores just to mock Rarity further.
Rarity tore the warm covers away. "Get up so I can fix it again."
"Y'know what? I ain't budgin'," Applejack groused.
"You will if you want any blankets-Hey!" Rarity suddenly found herself in a game of tug-of-war with Applejack.
"Give it back!"
"I will not!"
"Yes, you will!"

Again, acting, like children.

A still moment passed. Then Applejack croaked a weak chuckle. Rarity did the same, and gradually the pair's weak chortles grew into a vibrant mix of laughs, tears, and hugs.

Recovering from such terror does tend to make you laugh.

Applejack scowled for a moment, but then she looked at her hoof and decided to wipe it off on her muddy coat. She then held the muddy, but spit-free hoof out. "Baby steps?"
Rarity looked to the messy hoof that, in her opinion, wasn't much improvement. But then she looked at her own hoof, which was pretty muddy regardless thanks to her efforts. And with that, she reached out to touch the tips with a tiny smirk on her face. "Baby steps."

Fair enough.

That was an opportunity cue for Trixie if she ever heard one. "Well, the Great and Powerful Trixie is not one to brag but-"
"Really? I hear you do it every time I see you," Blossomforth interrupted.

Did, Blossomforth just roast Trixie?

"Oh! Wait! I can help!" Spike saw a golden chance to rescue the distraught maiden fair. Taking the bowl into his claws, he lifted it up and gently breathed a simmering flame beneath it. He proudly presented the now steaming warm brew to his diner. "Your meal, milady."


"No, I don't like it..." Rarity said as she took a few steps forward. She then whirled around with an ecstatic grin on her face. "I LOVE it!"
She bounced around giddily, squealing like a schoolfilly. "Ohh, this is marvelous! I have everything I need here to make...to make...EVERYTHING! I can't wait any longer, I have GOT to break in this atelier right now! Oh! That's it!" A swarm of tape measures and rulers flew up behind and above her, basked in her horn's glow. "Since you're all here, let's get started with your measurements!"

You're acting like Pinkie Pie.

"Bust: 4.22 hooves. Waist: 3.93 hooves. Hips: 4.5 hooves. Length: 3.3 hooves shoulder to flank, 4.4 flank to ankle. Inseam: 3.2 hooves. My, Miss Daring, I guess all that adventuring you do in your novels really does do a figure good."
"Yeah, it couldn't possibly be the one hour workouts I do at the gym every Sunday," Honey said as she rolled her eyes. "No, it has to be my grand explorations and brilliant excavations in which I spend half the time sitting in a carriage or airship and another fourth reviewing my site notes and translating ancient text in my tent that are the key factor to my physical fitness."
The dressmaker seemed nonplussed at her client's response, to which she turned to the others for appropriate feedback. "Touchy subject?" she ventured.
"Very touchy," they chorused.


"And this customer is Trixie!" she proclaimed smugly as Rarity finished up the rest of her body. "So that makes her doubly right!"
"Don't two rights make a wrong?" Blossomforth asked.
"No Blossomforth, it's two wrongs don't make a right," Octavia corrected.

She's right. And they don't make a left either.

"Oh, nonsense darling," Rarity insisted as she marked Spike's height. "Perhaps this is the first dragon I've worked with, but a good designer never shies away from a chance to expand her area of expertise. And besides..." She playfully tousled the frills on his head. "It would rude to exclude a little charming crumpet such as this from fabulosity!"

Fair enough.

Sherbet looked up over her magazine from under the mane curler she was sitting in. "Well Rarity, darling, it's really quite simple. Everypony wants to relax after hours on the job. And what would any new mare in town want more to relax by than sampling the finest in refreshing your body this city has to offer? After all, it worked quite well for Blossomforth's darling friend Fluttershy last time."

Fluttershy and Blossomforth know each other. Nice.

"Oh, I know darling! She and I have dates for Aloe and Lotus' Sunday special every week!"
"I should have guessed you had a weekly regime back home darling, it certainly shows on your coat."
"Oh Auntie, you flatterer! But you're certainly no stranger to looking your best yourself. That necklace you wear is just darling!"
"You like it? Well darling, if you want, I can show you where I bought mine next time. Maybe we could find one that fits you."
"Ooo! Jewelry shopping! I daresay Auntie, darling, we are going to get along just fine, you and I."
"Ugh, if Trixie has to hear the word ‘darling’ one more time…"

Be glad G3 Dash isn't here. That would not be darling.

Sherbet and Rarity looked to Trixie getting acupuncture treatment on table two stations to the left of them. "Just like if we have to hear the name 'Trixie' one more time...darling?" Rarity teased.
Trixie mulled over the fact as modestly as she could. "Point taken- aah!" she yelped a bit as a needle found its way into her flank, "In more ways than one."


"Yeah, that's the first time I've ever heard that one," Spike commented, his voice dripping with sarcasm. All dry humor left him though as he saw the ivory goddess that went by Rarity pass through to the spa's lobby. She had been beautiful before, but after her spa treatment, she was drop dead gorgeous! Her glossy coat shined pure radiance in even the dimmest of lights, her face was flawless, graced with the perfect smile of warm feeling that could melt the iciest of hearts, and her proud, sashaying gait maximized the voluptuous appeal of every curve of her body, just enough to display but not flaunt.
"Uh, Spike? Are you drooling?" Blossomforth's question snapped him out of it.


Spike simply stood still as a statue as Rarity boarded her carriage and rode off with Sherbet. He then stiffly fell over, his face all goofy and flushed. "I am never washing this forehead again..."

Doubt it.


Simple, you f*cked up. Now just, talk to them, explain the situation to them rationally, and don't do anything stupid and he's not going to do anything remotely like that is he?

How do I get the feeling this is going to be a Too Many Pinkies situation here?

Skye, ah'll be frank. out of all the folks who have written Manehattanverse stories, mahself included, ah've always thought you were the best writer. But when you write about food? It. Makes. Me. Hungry. Ah wanna look up those recipes you mentioned. Y'see, ah'm a bit of an epicure. A gourmand, even. Mah fondest aspiration is to be a chef.

So ah'm startin' ta wonder if you're tryin' ta butter me up. If so, yer on a roll. You've been cookin' with gas, an' it's just mah cup o' tea. Any more would just be the gravy on the cake and... wait, forget that last one. That's egg on mah face.


She's right. And they don't make a left either.

Three rights do, though.

See Octavia, this is why you should have treated your little Gentledrake a little better, now some other mare's come up and turned his head.

Well Spike, you dun' goofed it up now.

I'm really interested in how you're going to work through this story. Keep it up.:pinkiesmile:

Spike, this can only end well for you. :D And in tears, and in massive 'you dun goofed, son.'

Okay, I laughed my own head off, here. This was just too damned funny. :D

If we learned anything from cartoons, it's that trying to be in two places at the same time never work out, even if they're next door.

Ha! Excellent send up of Suited for Success.

Oh boy! The old trying to be in two places at once gag.

Spike paced in circles around Twilight's usual pacing spot. The irony was not lost on him, but unlike her usual study and schedule trifles this was something serious to worry about.

You realize she'd be none too happy about calling her worries unimportant, right?

His optimism held for about two seconds before he slammed the top of his head against the bookshelves. "Who am I kidding?!" he cried, arms up in the air helplessly. "I've listened to enough of Auntie's radio dramas to know exactly what's going to happen if I don't do something!"

And cue the soap opera.

A pair of hoofslaps painted both of his cheeks a sore red, and then a rain of salty eye drops poured over his head from two gorgeous fountains.


Will Spike be labeled the enemy of all females? Is he destined to die sad and alone in his huge, edible crystal mansion? Can Featherweight survive his upcoming heart surgery? And who is Daring Do real father? Find out all these answers and more, on the next...All my Romantic Trainwreck Fantasies!
Spike raised his fists to the heavens and screamed. "NOOOOOOOOOO-"
"Spike!" Twilight's voice came from above."Keep it down! I'm trying to hypothesize here!"

HEH! Also, Daring Do'S real father.

"True enough, but let me rephrase the question," Honey said dryly, "Did we have to do her before me?"


"Finicky fortune-teller!"
"Prissy clothier!"
"Ostentatious street performer!"
"Fussbudget fabricator!"
"The way I see it, they're going to be best friends by the end of this," Sherbet surmised wryly.


Double dabble potion
For when two minds are better than one

I declare that this can only go wrong!

Spike blinked. Another voice that was his? It must have worked! But where was the other Spike? His question was soon answer as he looked over his shoulder to meet the eyes of another purple head...connected by a neck...TO THE SAME BODY!

Well then.

Rarity winked the gems into place on the sketching, and Blossomforth ooh'd. "That's real pretty. How would it look like in chrysanthemums?"


Rarity nudged the bridge of her nose, pressing her design glasses deep against her sockets in exasperation. "If you're so unsure what floral pattern is your absolute favorite to augment your dress with, why don't you just put them all on? Or better yet, why don't I just make the entire dress out of flowers?" she muttered agitatedly.
Her rhetoric's meaning was lost on the pegasus as she gasped excitedly. "Really? You can make dresses out of flowers? I've made hair pieces, necklaces, even sandals out of flowers, but you can make them into dresses too? Can you teach me? Maybe I can become a fashion designer!"

It's called sarcasm.

Rarity's face lit up. "IDEEEEEAAAAA!!" With a mad flurry of marks and trims, she edited the draft with lightning speed and stuck it right in Blossomforth's face. "What if we did something like this?"
Blossomforth squinted at the picture, then she broke into a wide grin. "Oh, wow! That's perfect! I never would have thought of something like that! Let's do this one!"
Rarity and Sherbet sighed with relief.
Blossomforth then tapped her chin. "Do you think it would better in carnations though?"
Two pairs of eyes glared into her aqua irises.

Thank you.

"Ohh, I get it!" Babs said. "It's like that time I forgot to study for that test at the end of the week last October. In fact...I think I got an idea of my own!"

Oh dear.

Spike eyes suddenly widened as both of them ran off in their respective directions. Uh oh...


"I beg your pardon?"
Rarity backed away from the cross archeologist who was frowning at the lacy design in front of her.
"I said no," Honey repeated. "I'm not wearing that poofy, lacy, dainty as glass, snob shirt you've got drawn up for me."
"But Miss Daring, darling! I based it completely off that wonderful gown you wore at that gala in Stalliongrad during your quest for the lost tomb."
Honey flicked an ear as she raised an eyebrow. "Really? Well in that case, DOUBLE NO."


"Well for starters, it's just not me." Honey flipped her pith helm off and swapped her jacket for her everyday turtleneck sweater. "I'm going to the gala this year with the intention of showing everypony the real me, museum curator and history enthusiast. It's not the adventuring in my line of work I love, it's the exploration."

I see.

She paraded up front, completely overlapping the design. "I want something that shows what I take back from my expeditions, not just what I put into it. Something that professes I genuinely love the different cultures I immerse myself in, nothing undercover, nothing bold. Something that says, 'I am Daring Do, world renown discoverer, but I'm also Honey Do, a pegasus that just likes to study old things'."


The dressmaker took a few moments to ponder this revelation, then heard the brushing of a potted frond against a window outside. Her thoughts turned to exotic lands, then to exotic materials. The pegasus in front of her board faded into an outline as various shapes and objects she could think were only used in other countries were pinned on and shuffled in experimentation.
A sure smile spread across her face finally. "I know just want to do~"

Oh dear.

They're right next to each other. Rarity and Octavia's buildings are right next to each other's!
That's when another plan started to formulate in his head, one that he was sure couldn't fail to get him out of this mess. A devious grin crept up his face as he rubbed his palms together.
Maybe I can do two dates at once after all!

This won't end well.

I can only imagine how good your lips are at...other ways to please a lady...take me..."


Just what radio shows have you been listening to Spike!

I was originally thinking that Spike was going to take a page from Too Many Pinkies. Either way this isn't going to end well.

This will end in Godzilla. I can feel it.

"Roses, the flower of passion," Octavia observed. "I see you're quite fervent in adding to the atmosphere of this practice."

Yeah, something like that.

"Ohh, for me?" Rarity gave a playful turn of the head and a wave of the hoof. "You shouldn't have!"

He's a gentledrake.

Down, down, down the fire escape.
Run, run, run across the *HOOOOONK* 'HEY! Use the crosswalk, genius!'.
Up, up, up the stairs.
Run, run, run into Rarity's studio.

Oh he is GOOD.

"Uh, uh, yeah! I'm okay! Just missed a rung coming down. Not as though a certain word caught me off guard or something. But it's alright, dragon toughness here!" He regained his composure by beating his chest with his free claw.


"Oh, well, hard to say," Spike said with a shrug. "Your cookies are always the best. How can I stop at just one?"

I know, I know.

"Anything worth experiencing is worth experiencing again," Octavia agreed. "So, what does the measuring tape have to do with it?"
"M-measuring tape?" Spike looked to his left claw and realized with dread he was still holding on to the tape. "Oh, uh, I...brought it with me in case you needed it, since you and Twilight are always talking about measures in music!"


"Wonderful Spikey, I was just finishing up- Goodness gracious!" Rarity recoiled as ladylike as she could at Spike's bandaged knee. "Did you cut yourself with those shears? Ohh, Spikey-wikey, you poor thing! I should known better than to let a precious little thing like you handle sharp objects so briskly!"

You realize dragon scales are all but impenetrable, right?

Spike was about to object that he wasn't that much of a baby dragon to need safety scissors, but swallowed his pride in delight when Rarity proceeded to give the knee a get better kiss of hers.

Lucky drake.

Rarity however, took one look at them when he presented them to her, shifted her glasses once, then shook her head slightly. "No no no, that's charcoal, not black, common mistake."
So Spike ducked around the maze of drawers again, and when he came back again, Rarity didn't even look up from her sewing machine.
"Actually, that's licorice."
So he fetched again...
And again...
"Dark taupe."
And again...
And again...and again...and again...

You're kidding me.

Run, run, run to Rarity's.
"Would you like a mint? I think there's a bowl of them in the lobby."
Run, run, run to Octavia's.
"You know what this sandwich needs? Some mustard. I notice you're out, so why don't I just make a quick trip to the store and get some?"
Run, run, run, through the hallway.
"Oops, I just dropped your stencil out the window. Let me go down and fetch it."
Up, up, up the stairs...
"I...*pant* have to..."
Down, down, down the stairs...
"With the...*wheeze* you know...*gasp*"
Stumble...stagger...collapse on the sidewalk.
"Uggggggh..." the pooped out marathoner groaned. "It hurts to even breathe..."

That's what happens. And cue him spilling the beans or the two figuring out what happened.

"...eh, what's the worst that could happen?"
And with a shrug he chugged the whole thing down.

You want the long answer or the short one?

"...eh, what's the worst that could happen?"


Run, run, run across the *HOOOOONK* 'HEY! Use the crosswalk, genius!'.

Geese can be so rude.

This feels appropriate...

Spike, you gonna get in so much trouble. :D

Spike you fool! You've doomed us all!:twilightoops:

Methinks Trixie enjoyed putting Spike in a cage a bit too much.

When and where does Sweetie Belle appear?

:twilightsheepish: Enhancement formula !
:raritystarry: Viagra?
:moustache: cool

Spike is grounded for the next 1000 years

Spike went all Cutie Pox on Manehatten, only without the Cutie Marks.

"Spike Helped." - Famous last words.

So, it's another variety of Spike at Your Service, except this one is actually funny and well made. Let's just hope Spike doesn't help any firefighters around here. That would only end in catastrophe.

Ah, yes, we must all sit on Spike!

Your comedic talent is sharp as ever, Skye.

"No worries about that Twi," Spike said with a waved claw. "I certainly learned my lesson today. From now on, I'm a one pony dragon! Never again will I let my heart wander."


:moustache: But wait a minute...

*Ember flies overhead coincidentally*

:moustache: What's her name? I just gotta know...

Okay this was funny and a good story. The moral and conflict and the outcome was perhaps predictable as this format has been used countless times in the media, the character execution was done well. :twilightsmile:

Nice ending to this story. Hope to see more from the Manehattanverse in the future.

MacGuffinium extract? :facehoof:

I don't think this question is brought up often enough. But I guess there just aren't enough AUs for people to have considered it. But what if fan animations like Double Rainboom took place in one of these What-If AUs? Or other fan content for that matter. I mean, it's easy to just make What-If scenarios about how episodes would turn out. Or in some cases, just make new content entirely (like the Lunaverse). And I'm pretty sure some fanfics have gotten the What-If treatment. But I find it rare for a fan animation to be so blatantly referenced in fanfics in general, and nearly nonexistent in AUs... Well, I guess they're not nonexistent in AUs anymore. But now I want to see what Double Rainboom would be like in other AUs, like the Lunaverse, the Cadanceverse, the Flipverse, etc. Although I suppose in those AUs, it wouldn't exactly be called "Double Rainboom" now would it? And did I just ask the question "What if something happened in a What-If?"

Let's see if I can think of how that potion would work on the Manehattenverse 6. Twilight's already obvious. I think Honey Do would actually become the Daring Do from the fiction series. "The Great and Powerful Trixie" would be more than just a stage name, Trixie becoming the best illusionist in the world. I'd imagine Blossomforth would become a Druid. It's hard for me to imagine how Octavia would be enhanced, considering how good she already is. And Auntie Orange... I got nothing.

*Their latest conundrum: Does Fillisecond's power speed herself up, or slow the universe down?

I don't think that answer is that simple. Speed is calculated as distance over a period of time. But the theory of relativity explains that time is relative. There are two known factors that can affect the rate at which relative time passes. Gravity and speed. Gravity can be ruled out for the sake of experiencing similar gravity among most comic book universes. So speed is what we used. And it's interesting because to calculate speed, you need time in the equation. But relative time changes based on speed. It's complicated that way. But since speed is reliant on time, but time is not solely reliant on speed, then speed is reliant on time.

Speed = Distance x Time. Time is relative. So to answer the question of Fillisecond's power, the answer is both. The relative nature of time means it's a matter of perspective. From the perspective of someone seeing Fillisecond, her power is speeding herself up. But from the perspective of Fillisecond, her power is slowing down the universe around her. But if Fillisecond were to take someone with her as she used her speed, that passenger would also see the universe slow down. They would still see that they are going very fast. But not as fast as they would expect that they're going.

Although going back into the physics of speed, going faster wouldn't slow down the universe around you, it would speed up the universe around you. So that would actually imply the opposite effect of physics. So let be propose a third option to potentially fix the conundrum. The universal Speed limit is the speed of light. However, it is a fact that the universe is expanding at a rate BEYOND the speed of light. However, this does not break any universal laws, because the speed of light is only a universal speed limit for matter, not the space in between. And it's that space in between that's expanding. It's like a balloon that has a design on it. When you inflate that balloon, the design expands, different details spreading apart from each other. However, their relative position on the balloon has not changed. Star Trek uses this concept in order to let ships travel faster than the speed of light. The ships themselves don't move, the ships move the universe around them.

So in conclusion to finalize Fillisecond's powers, I think she has the power to move the universe around her.

"And that number is 4.1 hooves," Trixie stated adamantly. "She did not gain weight since her last check up nine months ago!"

I would LOVE it if it was revealed that Trixie was pregnant. I would also find it amusing if, at the gala, her dress was too tight. Whether that be because of a bun in the oven or just a result of her gaining weight again.

"Ugh, if Trixie has to hear the word ‘darling’ one more time…"

I was gonna say something, but I guess Trixie beat me to it. G3 Rainbow Dash would be proud.

"Come on Featherweight, how many ponies have you seen with a cold curing cutie mark?"
"Uh, none, cause there isn't a cure for the common cold."
"That's right! We're not going to just get our cutie marks, we're going to get FAMOUS cutie marks! We're going to cure the common cold! But to cure a cold, we first need to cause a cold. So you get cuz' and Firecracker, and I'll get spit swabs and face masks!"

I get the feeling that this interaction would've gone very differently if it were written today. :pinkiesick:

"No double me, no illness, that's all I can think of! Well, maybe time travel, but I doubt there's a spell for it just lying in a library somewhere."

Why do I get the feeling that Starlight Glimmer would be in the background of that scene?

Comment posted by Lord King Cocoon deleted Mar 30th, 2021

"Oh, uh, I...brought it with me in case you needed it, since you and Twilight are always talking about measures in music!"

In all fairness, that was clever. At the very least, it's clever compared to his other excuses.

"Twilight's potion, I still have it with me!"

Why does he have it with him in the first place?

"...eh, what's the worst that could happen?" And with a shrug he chugged the whole thing down.

Discord: "As the Lord of Chaos, I'd advise against saying things like that."

Either that or the best maildragon in all of Equestria.


That's what happens. And cue him spilling the beans or the two figuring out what happened.

I'm actually convinced that they already know. Or at the very least, at least Octavia suspects something.

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