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Guess who's back · 2:29pm Jun 26th, 2014

Honestly guess...and if you say someone else I might honestly consider defriending you...oh wait wrong website...anyways for you that are taking the time to read this I have to say I'm back at full force. Feather and Flames now ready and waiting, a Nightmare of a night coming soon and my newest work coming really soon actually. Typing six stories has never been so much fun. And for those that stayed this long here's a preview of it.

Dear Princess Twilight Sparkle,

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Dear consumer,
Thank you for purchasing a copy of Equestrian Earth.
We hope you will enjoy the most realistic virtual reality mmorpg of the century.
Also, we would like some feedback from you about our game. What would you say your favorite mechanics of the game are so far after playing it?

Canterlot Colt Studios

(What the letter really meant: Thank you for a fave on the story! That really means a lot! After you're done reading up to the latest chapter, what would you say your favorite parts of the story were so far?:twilightsmile:)

681454 Oh thanks I wasn't aware if anyone was aware of it or not,

I just looked at your Cadenzaverse group; I love the Mane 6 you've chosen. It's been a while, but I look forward to seeing any stories in that group, and will most certainly join it. :raritywink:

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