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Fires are breaking out over Manehattan, and Blossomforth alongside the rest of the weather patrol is feeling the effects of taking both tasks on. The sometimes forgetful pegasus finds herself nearing her limit as she puts the latest fire at the Manehattan Library.

Twilight finding no solace in her beloved books threatened or her friend overworked decides to take up the task of finding the illusive firestarter.

Can the duo figure out and stop the firestarter or watch their prized city be set aflame.....and what's a filly have to do with their investigation?

Take place in the manehattan verse two weeks after Tangerine's Sashay of Power.

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Princess Mi Amore Cadenza. 1'000 years ago, she used the elements of harmony to banish both of her aunts to their respective celestial bodies, in the battle to determine who'd rule Equestria, by accident.

Her guilt weighing heavily on her mind each moment she took up the mantle as the new ruler, was another moment that reminded her, of how she got the crown in the first place. Despite the negative thinking and worries she felt, Princess Cadenza's rule is well received and prosperous with the assistance of a few trusted ponies through the years of her reign.

Now, a thousand years later, the day to celebrate her victory over both siblings and her coronation as Equestria's ruler coming up.

So, she has sent a mare that she foal-sit for to ponyville. Moondancer is tasked to look over the celebration and add any finishing touches to the celebration if necessary.

Cadenza hopes that the mare will make a few real friends in the process. But, with the threat of losing what social standing she has, and the imminent return of the Celestial sisters, can Moondancer, learn the value of true friendship or will Equestria be led under a new rule?

The first story of the Cadenzaverse!

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What defines a cutie mark? Is it a right of passage, something that determines what you are destined in life, and defines you for eternity? The answer to that is “yes.” It’s everything you could hope for in this life and the next. Never take your destiny for granted nor that mark, a lesson I learned later down in my life.

My life was easy, travel Equestrian, boast about my magical prowess, prove said prowess, collect the bits off of other's embarrassment as they try to upstage me and finally leave town. Rinse, recycle and repeat. Never once did the plan screw up.....Until ponyville.

I never wanted to die nor did I ever ask for much. Upstaging other ponies was my life and yet, as I watched that huge claw slam into me, I knew it was over. My show, the smiles, the frowns and everything else was gone in an instant, only a cape and a tattered hat in its wake.

What I thought would be the end was just an unbearably painful beginning. Now I live in a Candy shop, protecting the living from the many mystical creatures of the ever free and Equestria. With the help of others, maybe this miss-step won't be as bad after all.

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