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Guess who's back · 2:29pm Jun 26th, 2014

Honestly guess...and if you say someone else I might honestly consider defriending you...oh wait wrong website...anyways for you that are taking the time to read this I have to say I'm back at full force. Feather and Flames now ready and waiting, a Nightmare of a night coming soon and my newest work coming really soon actually. Typing six stories has never been so much fun. And for those that stayed this long here's a preview of it.

Dear Princess Twilight Sparkle,

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Help please · 7:24pm Apr 7th, 2014

Hi, as you may know I'm Ethereal Trixster and I've come to you the Fimfiction site asking for your assistance in having a proof-reader as I'm incapable of going over my work that well, because my brain processes it as already good enough, so this is why I'd like some assistance. Just little stuff like grammatical errors and the likes, if anyone would like to help please pm me as I'm not that picky with who I work with.

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