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A Place for all the fics on EQD That are on FIMfiction. This group is not authorized, affiliated or endorsed by Equestria Daily in any way, and is purely fan-made.

Slice-of-Life: Stories that are just about daily life in Equestria, or simply involving ponies
Shipping: Stories that involve romantic relationships between one or more Ponies.
Grimdark: Stories that involve death, famine, plagues, twilight going on rampages murdering all her friends, ect.
Random: Weird, Random, funny stories that are not meant to be taken seriously.
Crossover: Stories that involve characters outside of the pony world.
Comedy: Funny Stories
Sci-Fi : Technology in Ponyland
Adventure: Stories that involve the ponies traveling great distances and seeing new locations.
Fallout: Equestria: EQD-approved FoE stories.
Fallout: Equestria Side Stories: Stories based off of Fallout Equestria. Please Note: All the stories in this Folder were skipped by the EQD pre-readers.Quality levels vary.

If your looking for a story that doesn't appear to be hear; maybe check the Gdoc Archive

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Suggestion: Spell-check your title.

That will be all.

The folders are locked to prevent just anyone from posting their stories. I'm adding them from The Archive Z-A so that they're in alphabetical order.

Im not sure how to post a story somewhere. Can anyone help me?

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