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Hey, Firedragon here! First time fanfiction mlp writer


Fanfic review: Fire and Shadow by Rowanoak23 · 2:18am 17 hours ago

Today we looked at old Warrior fanfiction by Trinary It's an AU where Firestar doesn't join Tunderclan but instead join Shadowclan. Yes, I know this old and Trinary move on writing MLP fanfiction but it's still hold up. Plus is important to look on author first work and then their newest to see how much they improve.

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Thank you for the favorite :twilightsmile:

I did enjoy! Your story is one of the darkness and scariest fanfiction I have read so far. Keep up the good work

Thanks for the fav on Fallout: Equestria - Rising Dawn. I hope you enjoy the story.

>>The Descendant
Congrats! I'm glad you that much followers! You deserved it.

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