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'I am made from the dust of the stars, and the oceans flow in my veins: here I hide in the heart of the city, like a stranger coming out of the rain.'


If You're Planning on Requesting a Reading:

Here are some things you ought to know, transcluded straight from the FiMFiction Fanfiction Audio Readings Group, which could always use some love:

Genres Preferred: Anything that's not clop or HiE.
Genre Refused: Clop or HiE. Or worse, both.
How often do you post: Whenever it's done; depends entirely on the fic and how busy I am outside the realms of pony.
Current Video Count: At time of posting, 78 pony-related vids.
Male or Female Voice: Male (at least the last time I checked)
Voice type: British, straddling the Baritone-Bass range. Can be convinced to do other voices.
Accepting Requests: Ask Me!
Preferably by PM; I'm notoriously bad about missing notifications.
I'm also very much not into the whole Patreon/commission . . . thing. Anything I do, I do for free and because I love the material, not because the potential coin.
Accepting Voice Actors: Maybe!
Generally speaking, I prefer to do voicework for shorts and small-cast stories myself.
BUT, I've been looking to expand my range of work lately, and should the right project
come along, I'd love a good collab, be it with other VA's, narrators, whomever!
Extra Comments and information:
Batteries not included. Option to rent before leasing. Professional driver, closed course.
I should also note that I only read for things marked 'complete'. I'd rather be able to finish a fic in one go than have to wait for updates. Likewise, please be sure that the fic requested has been run by an editor, as I can't very well read aloud what I can't understand.

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Great meeting you at the con! You should PM me your Discord at some point and poke me.


The best kind of sneaking -- publichigh-visibility sneaking. ;P


The best kind of sneaking -- public, high-visibility sneaking. ;P

Jesus Christ, I never even saw this. :facehoof: I'm sorry to make you wait six months for an answer. See above, need to scroll down more often.

. . . and I wish I had a better answer for that than the short one I'm about to post. I don't really have much trouble writing. I suppose you could say that ideas are the hardest part, because I only write when one comes to me. But I've never run into a situation where I was waiting for an idea to pop into my head, if that makes sense. I write because I want to, and only when something catches my interest that I want to explore. It's like any other art -- you can't force the issue if the inspiration isn't there.

I'm all sneaky like that. :heart:

  • Viewing 55 - 59 of 59
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